Language Analysis


My chosen article to analyse is a interview from the music magazine ‘Billboard (June 20), Adam Lambert: Don’t Look Back, Shirley Halperin. The interview is about Adam Lambert finding his place in the music industry and its is set in a Hollywood penthouse, allowing us to know the location of the interview makes it seem informal/personal.

There is a very obvious presence of a journalist, this is because of their use of an opinionated and positively biased perspective, this is evident in the terms “kick-ass”; making this a comment article. The audience are likely to think kindly of the artist after reading. The media text opens with a stand first which is short, but creates an interest in the article, and implies a successful and complex star persona by listing. Then a sensory description of the star sets the mood for the interview, as well as the setting.

A large amount of quotations are used to make the interview seem more personal and real. Many of the quotations are embedded into sentences, and are scattered across the entire article. The mode of address, such as “run around in circles chasing our tail” is informal, which leads the audience to believe this is a very natural and real story.

Adam Lambert comes across in this article as the pinnacle point of accepting sexually ambiguous artists onto the music scene. His presence is depicted as modern and original– someone to look up to. Later Sam Smith is mentioned, another gay artist, this makes Lambert appear partly responsible for Smith’s success. Mention Sam Smith also makes Adam Lambert appear well connected and ‘current’. Through this article the reader is experiencing the struggle and story of sexually ‘abnormal’ artist succeeding in the music industry, and this stories effect on the current state of our society.

In conclusion the star is represented as influential, through the journalist’s writing. Below is a link to the article I was analysing:


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