Prelim Montage


My next short production task was to create a montage of an average school day.

Before shooting in a pair we created a storyboard pf the possible shot we could take to make this an effective production.

  • I manually used the zoom on the camera, when she entered the toilet and added a zoom as an after effect in Premier Pro to compare the two. I now understand that software zooms are smoother, and I will use them more frequently than manual ones.
  • I used the repetition of my actor going to her locker to show the progression of the day, passage of time and repetitiveness of school days. This is a convention of montages.
  • The speed used defiantly inferred tension and stress.
  • I learnt how to use my time manage wisely, filming both her entering and leaving the building at the same time, as well as all the locker scenes too. This made sure all my locker scenes were angled the same and I didn’t run out of time.
  • In Premier Pro I learnt how to add cheery background music, and a school bell ringing sound effect, which I think added to the streamline element of the montage.
  • If I were do this again I would have tried to used some more interested transitions which are on the software, such as fades, wipes and dissolves.

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