Pitch and Feedback


After presenting our Idea to Mr Gregson, we gathered he liked our idea, as it was genre appropriate, simplistic yet emotive and interesting. In summary his feedback was:

  • We should experiment applying video effects, such as vignettes and filters to create a “pleasant memory” appearance to the video.
  • Adding darker edges, to bright and pretty shots would be perfect for the atmospheres we are looking to create.
  • The storyline of a “special” (gifted or talented) girl being in a relationship with the star, then her leaving and breaking his heart, will have to be clear. We need to think of a creative way of showing her leaving him. We discussed how she could use her art/talent to visually break up with him- tearing up a photograph, writing a poem or painting her feeling etc.
  • There are many conventions we need to follow in order to both gain marks and provide predicable pleasure, however we mentioned in this meeting how our narrative also stands out – she is the insensitive one, who ends the relationship.
  • We are not going to have a band, but instead will have the main (male) star performing the lyrics. We need to, as a group agree where and how he will perform this.
  • There is going to be a clear contrasts in mood between the exciting and beautiful narrative and the remorseful performance.

Mr Gregson also suggested we look at the movie “500 days of Summer” for inspiration. As it follows a similar storyline.

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