Test Shoots


We were asked to create a twenty second example of the performance and honestly, in reflection, we made a few mistakes, but as a first attempt to film and edit I happy.

  • We managed, with the help of youtube tutorials and our previous knowledge, to create the whip transition effect we wanted, towards the end of the video. More experimentation of creating these transitions would be great.
  • Undeniably a few cuts were unintentional. From this we learnt to double check the end product before exporting and how layering world in Premier Pro.
  • Using more angles would make the performance more interesting, and the camera not lining up exactly with the brick wall was irritating to look at.
  • More movement and “getting into” the song more would make the performance more believable, and the wide shot I feel was too far out, and looked a little strange.
  • We tried to create a frame inside a frame to make it more interesting, however I’m not entirely sure it worked with the trees, so perhaps some more experimentation with this would be effective.
  • The tracking medium close up, following me in a circle was really interesting, it felt more natural and visually connecting.

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