Shoot One Reflection.


Together we decided shooting only the performance would be a more effective use of our time for this first shoot. We arranged with our performer to meet down at our chosen location and initially filmed a few wide shots and close ups of him lip syncing. I feel like this shoot was very productive and the footage we collected can be really effective for our music video. From this three hour shoot we learnt many things…

  •  Dancing, singing(shouting) along with the performer gives them more confidence and reminds them of the lyrics, resulting in a better shoot.
  • Having a speaker to play the song out loud really helps to create the correct mood/ atmosphere for the performer; it also allows you to move around with the artist and still be able to hear the song.
  • A part of our time management is vital to initially get the static shots for the music video, then to progress to more artistic shots.
  • While filming tracking shots, have someone standing behind you, holding your back and making sure you don’t trip. This safety precaution was especially necessary since the area we were filming in was a slope of rocks.
  • Filming in a place that the general public wont be interrupting shots is important, we had to cease shooting a few times because a jogger would go by and make the footage unusable.


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