Music Video Draft 4


From the feedback we received, we have made some edits; we’ve officially added the “doodle” effect to our music video, which I believe drastically improves the narrative of the music video and increases the video’s visual interest. The girlfriend’s creativity now shines through, and the video has more meanings to be decoded as the drawing are quote symbolic and metaphorical. While adding in this frame by frame effect, we learnt how to elongated the drawings, more effectively animate some movement/ interaction with the water (as suggested in peer feedback). We made sure to include slow motion clips, which ultimately were emphasised by the drawings.

This is peer feedback for our draft four, filmed using Screencastify:

Summary of feedback:


– The outlines are cool

– Shots looking at camera are good

– literal use of drawings (e.g puzzle piece)

– energetic performance, match the beat of the song.

– Jump on the best- both characters = continuity

– Steady shots- even tracking shots

– Balloon grab is interesting

– Narrative is clearer now

– Juxtaposition between the two locations, colourings

– Medium close ups are cool

– Shots at the end of the song are slow motion, this fits the song

– Graphic drawings are good


– Little bit of lip-syncing out of time

– More close ups, more connection to the star

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