Evaluation of shoot/ graphic design


We were inspired to create a circular, watercolour styled panel for our DigiPak, from our initial mock up. So we took time to produce a selection of our physical circles, using art supplies on A3 card. Placing these images into Photoshop after photographing them, we increased the vibrance of the colours and whiteness of the background.

What went well:

  • We were patience and trailed many different techniques, until we were happy with the end result.
  • We mixed our physical, water colour skills with our digital manipulation skills.
  • We worked together, and compromised


  • More experimentation would have been good
  • Learning how to produce the watercolour effect entirely digitally could have quickened the process.


Overall the Photography we have produced is perfect for the Indie Pop genre, with movement, emotion, playful appearance, with submerged messages. The photography I am particularly excited about are:

As I feel these image best encapsulate the branding of our star, and could be used effectively in our DigiPak.

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