DigiPak Draft Two



This is our draft two of our DigiPak, I am happy with the improvements we have made based on our teachers feedback and personal preference.

These changes are:


  • Changed the pink colour , to a mustard yellow to better fit the circular insert, and make the whole Digipak flow better (consistency in the colour scheme). We also change the other colour to blue, so the colours would be complimentary.
  • We tried capitalising Jake’s name on the cover, however we found this didn’t look very effective.


  • On Photoshop, we enhanced the colours of the filters we physically put on the lights in the studio.
  • We also added a smooth effect so the image would better fit the rest of the DigiPak.


  • The back panel we replaced our handwritten (blob tool) song titles, with the programmes fonts for more consistency.
  • We created in two spines, with our stars name and album title.
  • We now have copyright text and a barcode.

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