Evaluation of web design application


I have learnt a lot of features that I wasn’t previously aware were conventional for websites such as thumbnails (which are pictorial links), Hero shots (main image of star) and the importance of above the fold and below.

I am now able to use the correct terminology to describe elements I had previously been aware of. For example I knew the majority of website ad a large title on the splash/homepage but am now aware of the correct term: leaderboard. I knew there are often menus, which I will now refer to as Navigation bars, and links to social media called interactive links.

The design idea for the feathers (which I really like), originally came from the photoshoot. On Wix.com you can import images, with transparent backgrounds and apply filters. I made our feathers neon and the house style of this website came together really well.

There are many features on Wix.com, we experimented using many different elements to arrange the merchandise page. First we considered what merchandise our target audience would like, then photoshopped and used online software to create imagery of the merchandise. We chose circular icons to display the images, and worked out how to create a hover-over effect. It was difficult to arrange these aesthetically, and we had to work out how to link these to amazon (etc).

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