Draft Three of DigiPak


Here is our draft three of our DigiPak, we have made changes based on feedback and our personal preference:

  • Changed the size, location and orientation of ‘Sierra’ on the album cover to make it clear that it was the name of the album. This also now contrasts with our star’s name being written in handwritten typography- looks like it is personally signed by artist.
  • Inside left panel has changed a lot; we’ve incorporated the animated/creative style into the image- layering the mountain motif behind him, continuing that theme. We also applied different photo filters to him to make him glow warmly- kind star image.
  • The back panel we changed the mountain sky to orange to better fit the colour scheme of the DigiPak. We also centred and changed the font of the song titles. Placing the water colour swirl in between each title to maintain consistency- and moving the copyright and barcode to the side, as they are less important for the consumer to see.

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