Perfect Group Agreement.


We were told “If the group works, the outcomes are more likely work”, Megan and myself sat down and discussed and agreed how we would share the workload and make sure we each get an equal opportunity to participate and learn.

Shoot One Reflection.


Together we decided shooting only the performance would be a more effective use of our time for this first shoot. We arranged with our performer to meet down at our chosen location and initially filmed a few wide shots and close ups of him lip syncing. I feel like this shoot was very productive and the footage we collected can be really effective for our music video. From this three hour shoot we learnt many things…

  •  Dancing, singing(shouting) along with the performer gives them more confidence and reminds them of the lyrics, resulting in a better shoot.
  • Having a speaker to play the song out loud really helps to create the correct mood/ atmosphere for the performer; it also allows you to move around with the artist and still be able to hear the song.
  • A part of our time management is vital to initially get the static shots for the music video, then to progress to more artistic shots.
  • While filming tracking shots, have someone standing behind you, holding your back and making sure you don’t trip. This safety precaution was especially necessary since the area we were filming in was a slope of rocks.
  • Filming in a place that the general public wont be interrupting shots is important, we had to cease shooting a few times because a jogger would go by and make the footage unusable.


Star Image Planning.


It was important for us to plan together how our star would be represented. Looking at Kodaline’s style and the Indie pop genre we produced a mood/concept board based on our star’s intended image and conventions of the genre.

We had to consider the meta-narrative accepted by the audience: A meta-narrative in postmodernism is a narrative of historical meaning, experience, or knowledge, which offers a society legitimation through the anticipated completion of a (as yet unrealised) master idea.

Visual Shot List for Performance.


We created a Google Slides document, to visually show what we wanted to create in our performance section. We captured screenshots from Indie pop music videos then analysed them and considered if we would like to produce similar shots. Our focus was on sombre, reflective music videos:

Test Shoots


We were asked to create a twenty second example of the performance and honestly, in reflection, we made a few mistakes, but as a first attempt to film and edit I happy.

  • We managed, with the help of youtube tutorials and our previous knowledge, to create the whip transition effect we wanted, towards the end of the video. More experimentation of creating these transitions would be great.
  • Undeniably a few cuts were unintentional. From this we learnt to double check the end product before exporting and how layering world in Premier Pro.
  • Using more angles would make the performance more interesting, and the camera not lining up exactly with the brick wall was irritating to look at.
  • More movement and “getting into” the song more would make the performance more believable, and the wide shot I feel was too far out, and looked a little strange.
  • We tried to create a frame inside a frame to make it more interesting, however I’m not entirely sure it worked with the trees, so perhaps some more experimentation with this would be effective.
  • The tracking medium close up, following me in a circle was really interesting, it felt more natural and visually connecting.

Pitch and Feedback


After presenting our Idea to Mr Gregson, we gathered he liked our idea, as it was genre appropriate, simplistic yet emotive and interesting. In summary his feedback was:

  • We should experiment applying video effects, such as vignettes and filters to create a “pleasant memory” appearance to the video.
  • Adding darker edges, to bright and pretty shots would be perfect for the atmospheres we are looking to create.
  • The storyline of a “special” (gifted or talented) girl being in a relationship with the star, then her leaving and breaking his heart, will have to be clear. We need to think of a creative way of showing her leaving him. We discussed how she could use her art/talent to visually break up with him- tearing up a photograph, writing a poem or painting her feeling etc.
  • There are many conventions we need to follow in order to both gain marks and provide predicable pleasure, however we mentioned in this meeting how our narrative also stands out – she is the insensitive one, who ends the relationship.
  • We are not going to have a band, but instead will have the main (male) star performing the lyrics. We need to, as a group agree where and how he will perform this.
  • There is going to be a clear contrasts in mood between the exciting and beautiful narrative and the remorseful performance.

Mr Gregson also suggested we look at the movie “500 days of Summer” for inspiration. As it follows a similar storyline.