Production skills two


Primarily, we had to “Nest” the clips to add the stabiliser effect, as our video proportion ratio’s were different to Adobe Premier Pro’s expectations. Nesting a clip, or several clips creates another sequence, which allows you to edit within. The “Warp Stabilsier” came under the effects category and gave us a bar of progression while it stabilised, percentage of completion and a selection of adjustments under the Effect Controls tab. This change was made due to feedback and has had a really positive effect on our music video’s professional look.

Related image

So we’ve begun to add animations to our music video, to increase the symbolic representation of the music video, gain more interest and make the video seem more alive and abstract. The girlfriend character, because if the genre conventions, we made a creative person, this “doodling” we are now going to add in, will demonstrate this well. Inspired by:

We independently figured out how to apply a After Effects composition to a video clip, then from there we had a whole new editing software to work our way around.

Our design skills increased as we began animating, by opening the brush tools and paint tools at the side of our workspace then, edited careful which sized brush, slanted, transparent or stylistic. We produced a taster clip of which we were imagining, drawing the lines using the mouse of the computer.

Then Megan brought in an amazing piece of graphic technology, called a —-  this was really exciting as it allowed us to quickly and more naturally draw the shapes we wanted. We produced another mini example now using our actual music video footage.

I feel really confident in the design and technological skills I have developed, as we worked them out progressively, together. They have helped towards appropriately conveying our Indie Pop genre, star image and representation of our themes.

Music Video Draft 3


This is our draft three of our music video, we’ve made several edits due to our previous feedback:

  • We have used colour correction to make the clips including the male star have duller, bluer highlights, and reduced saturation. Then we increased the saturation and warmth in the female clips in contrast.
  • We added a vignette to the wide shot of the girlfriend looking out of the doorway (frame within a frame), and intend to add more vignettes throughout the video, for an emphasised sense of instability in their relationship, regret and internal struggles.
  • In premier we added more stabilisers added to make the movements smoother, and visually more pleasing.
  • More static shots added as suggested by teacher feedback, which does give the video a more professional look.
  • We slow down some of the cutting speeds at the start of the song, as suggested by feedback, but sped it up and tried to cut more on the beat particularly in the chorus.
  • We’ve moved around, and replaced some of the performance clips in an attempt to improve the lip-syncing, timing; to make the video more believable.

From the YouTube comment section we will gather peer feedback; and will produce an improved draft from their suggestions:

Summary of the peer feedback:

  • Great camera movement– use both moving and static shots
  • Good setting/location
  • Interesting use of contrasting the two colours– warm and cold
  • Interesting contrast between the two characters
  • Good energy
  • There are a range of shot angles and distances used
  • Relationship and connection between the main character of the narrative and the performer was shown throughout the video- movements connected e.g jumping, glances
  • Narrative is clear
  • The video is well edited to the beat of the song
  • The peers also really liked the parts of the video that are in slow motion
Possible improvements:
  • Trim down the shot at 1:30 as the shot starts noticeably before movement
  • Have star interact with water (could animate in)
  • The performer’s lip syncing is sometimes a little bit out of time
  • Have the two characters meet
  • Include some more metaphoric/abstract shots
  • Add in some more slow motion shots
  • There could be some quicker/faster shot-reverse shots to pick up the pace of the song

Feedback from Teacher


Mr Gregson recorded this feedback for us, which we discussed as a group, bullet pointed and summarised below:

Possible Improvements:

  • Ensure the lip syncing is correct- timed well.
  • Don’t have our actor lip syncing the high pitched chorus part- Have Macy instead- possibly something creative with the animations.
  • More distinction between the colour (correction), added in Adobe Premier Pro.
  • Add vignette to create a larger contrast and warmer felling the clips of Macy.
  • Add more clips of the doorway, to represent her want to leave, and his absence.
  • Try and use “curves” to change the over exposure in some Macy clips.
  • Macy clips cut too quickly at the start, slow that part down, or move that section.
  • Macy changes jacket to represent her changing attitude- change the way this is cut into the video.
  • Find a different way of “hitting the beat”, for the second crescendo.
  • Reorder the Macy footage: Ripping up paper much later, walking away, tracking backwards. To better display the narrative.
  • Push into some shots, to have a more professional look.
  • Graphic match between the couple.
  • Flowers through- cut to black? Throw something at Mat?
  • Add stabilisers to the footage.

Positives of our draft:

  • The movement away from Macy towards the end of the video
  • The extreme close up of Macy
  • Movement on the crescendo
  • The doorway-she’s obviously waiting
  • The drawing ripped and bars let go are a good symbolic element
  • Great acting from both actors

In summary, the footage we do have is good, but re-ordering, recolouring, timing cuts better, adding our animation and smooth transitions to will vastly improve the music video.

Music Video Draft 2.


Whats been changed:

  • A few of the badly framed, badly synced medium close up shots have been swapped for more interesting footage.
  • Added in the narrative footage, which we made an effort to mirror with the performance to ensure a close relationship is evident between the two characters. The narrative shots make the video more interesting, and add more movement.
  • Added in slow motion clips, emphasis the reminiscent atmosphere and freedom theme.
  • We still need to alter the colouring to increase contrast- warm vs cold.
  • We have cut the clips on the beat, to make the video really interesting, and lively.
  • Adding more stabilisers would be great to make our music video appear more professional.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative).


Our second, narrative shoot I feel also went really well; the footage we took was varied, vivid in colour and visually interesting. We filmed movement, a large range of facial expressions/reactions, shots we knew we could add effects in post-edit and improve the overall narrative of the music video.

  • We started the shoot ensuring we had all the equipment, and describing the context of the music video and our actor’s character in the narrative.
  • We began the shoot without music, but found, especially with energetic shots and for our actor to be fully prepared having the music playing set the mood well.
  • Throughout she changed her outfit/costume slightly to represent different moods and stage of the relationship; I think this mise-en-scene worked well to display what we wanted.
  • The backgrounds, we ensured had vibrant colour, textures vastly different to the performance shoot; giving the shots with her a cheerful and uplifting tone.
  • Some parts of the shoot we demonstrated prior to filming what we were aiming for to our actor. This made it clearer for her, and us (for camera placement). We even had a static dance shot; during this filming Megan and I were behind the camera also dancing along… Increasing Macy’s confidence and getting the kind of movements we wanted.
  • During filming we checked multiple times that our actor was comfortable and our footage was looking good.
  • We used the camera creatively by moving it smoothly in the direction of gestures, we also utilised the unsettling atmosphere canted angels can create, and effected the power of the character with high, birds eye view angels.

Audience Ideologies


Producers encode media texts and audiences decode them; if the producers create an unconventional text, aimed at the wrong target audience, that does’t aline with the ‘Uses and Gratification’ theory, then it can be rejected and the consumer becomes an oppositional reader. To avoid this we each created a dating profile for an ideal audience member for our music video. Considering how their cultural experience, education and demographics would impact their personal identity.

Our ideal consumer is female, single, enthusiastic, quirky, struggling financially, but hopeful for the future and an absolute romantic. To explore our audience ideologies further I created a dating profile below:


Narrative Storyboard



This is our storyboard which helped us save wasting time, and camera memory whilst on shoot; we knew exactly where we intended to place the camera, what atmosphere this would create and how it would tell our story.

In retrospect, sketching out a few more shot ideas would have made the shooting process slightly easier; however when planning and creating this storyboard we discussed in depth, in person, how these would flow together, incorporate movement and increase interest for the music video. The shoot still went to according to plan and we are very happy with the shots we filmed; but we will produce more concrete planning in the future.

Production Meeting Agenda- Narrative



We sat down as a pair and discussed who was responsible for different elements of the shoot, including specific props, exact location and time. This is really important as it helped to avoid confusion, ensured we were both prepared for this shoot.

Production Skills One.


Reflection is really important, so I can evaluate how much I have learnt and later come back to this post if I forget how I have done things. I currently feel like this production stage os going well for us.

I have learnt how to use Adobe Premier Pro to adjust the exposure, brightness, clip contrast, and highlights in the ‘effect’ category of the editing software. We increased the brightness and ultimately the whiteness of the clips of him. We also decreased the contrast to make him look duller and therefore add to the narrative and star image– he isn’t as vibrant as the girlfriend character we later filmed.

In terms of basic, starter skills, we’re now confident in removing audio form imported clips (right click, unlink, select audio and delete), placing imported clips into tidy, organised folders (drag and drop- DO NOT MOVE CLIPS OUTSIDE OF PROGRAMME = RED SCREEN OF DEATH), inside and outside of the programmes. We can now adjust (although its not yet perfect) the clips to match the audio (lip-syncing). We also used the razor tool and the duration settings, to effect the regretful, remembrance tone we were aiming for. (Duration: right click clip, adjust the duration and speed percentages).

We used the effects panel to also zoom in, to crop the clips into more visually pleasing, genre appropriate scale; so the star fills the frame, to imply he is important. Together Megan and I also made the cutting speed conventional, and fast, meaning that our star was seen as energetic, passionate, and the overall music video intense and emotional.

Although these production skills are amazing to now have, we lack the animation, doodle effect we desperately want to feature in our music video, so we will develop this skill next…