Production Skills One.


Reflection is really important, so I can evaluate how much I have learnt and later come back to this post if I forget how I have done things. I currently feel like this production stage os going well for us.

I have learnt how to use Adobe Premier Pro to adjust the exposure, brightness, clip contrast, and highlights in the ‘effect’ category of the editing software. We increased the brightness and ultimately the whiteness of the clips of him. We also decreased the contrast to make him look duller and therefore add to the narrative and star image– he isn’t as vibrant as the girlfriend character we later filmed.

In terms of basic, starter skills, we’re now confident in removing audio form imported clips (right click, unlink, select audio and delete), placing imported clips into tidy, organised folders (drag and drop- DO NOT MOVE CLIPS OUTSIDE OF PROGRAMME = RED SCREEN OF DEATH), inside and outside of the programmes. We can now adjust (although its not yet perfect) the clips to match the audio (lip-syncing). We also used the razor tool and the duration settings, to effect the regretful, remembrance tone we were aiming for. (Duration: right click clip, adjust the duration and speed percentages).

We used the effects panel to also zoom in, to crop the clips into more visually pleasing, genre appropriate scale; so the star fills the frame, to imply he is important. Together Megan and I also made the cutting speed conventional, and fast, meaning that our star was seen as energetic, passionate, and the overall music video intense and emotional.

Although these production skills are amazing to now have, we lack the animation, doodle effect we desperately want to feature in our music video, so we will develop this skill next…

Narrative Development.


Here is a copy of our (three point narrative curve) development; this task enabled us to fully articulate our intended storyline for our music video, in three simple steps. Although we kept in mind that music videos don’t always follow traditional chronological layouts, we are more than likely to follow a anachronic narrative to establish different events in our couples relationship. The equilibrium will be prior to the start of this music video, we are focusing on the disruption- climax and resolution.

Performance Rough Cut – Draft One.


After successfully filming our performance we requested to create a rough cut draft, using the Premier Pro editing software. In reflection, the footage we reviewed was very good and professional-looking.

  • The static shots I feel are a little boring, and sometimes our star moves outside of the frame. These medium close up static shots were our first attempt, and I feel we learned from them.
  • The tracking shots I found really cool, it was intimate with the star singing to the camera, and created some interesting movement and energy; it felt like the story was progressing.
  • The backgrounds to the shots were exactly what we where aiming for! Bleak, whitewashed and melancholy atmosphere which we will contrast beautifully with our narrative later. We hope to edit the colouring further in the next draft.
  • Our actor was fantastic; reviewing our footage we discovered we had lots of reaction shots, movements and gestures we can add animation to in edit, in our next draft.
  • We managed to place our actor on the thirds of the screen, meaning the shots were more visually interesting, and we can add animation there soon.
  • Some of the lip-syncing isn’t perfect, but here we were just ensuring we had secured enough footage without needing the narrative to tell the story.
  • I think the cut timing, especially in the chorus, is good; and we have featured a wide range of different shot types.

Shoot One Reflection.


Together we decided shooting only the performance would be a more effective use of our time for this first shoot. We arranged with our performer to meet down at our chosen location and initially filmed a few wide shots and close ups of him lip syncing. I feel like this shoot was very productive and the footage we collected can be really effective for our music video. From this three hour shoot we learnt many things…

  •  Dancing, singing(shouting) along with the performer gives them more confidence and reminds them of the lyrics, resulting in a better shoot.
  • Having a speaker to play the song out loud really helps to create the correct mood/ atmosphere for the performer; it also allows you to move around with the artist and still be able to hear the song.
  • A part of our time management is vital to initially get the static shots for the music video, then to progress to more artistic shots.
  • While filming tracking shots, have someone standing behind you, holding your back and making sure you don’t trip. This safety precaution was especially necessary since the area we were filming in was a slope of rocks.
  • Filming in a place that the general public wont be interrupting shots is important, we had to cease shooting a few times because a jogger would go by and make the footage unusable.


Star Image Planning.


It was important for us to plan together how our star would be represented. Looking at Kodaline’s style and the Indie pop genre we produced a mood/concept board based on our star’s intended image and conventions of the genre.

We had to consider the meta-narrative accepted by the audience: A meta-narrative in postmodernism is a narrative of historical meaning, experience, or knowledge, which offers a society legitimation through the anticipated completion of a (as yet unrealised) master idea.

Basically Meta-narratives are a mixture of genre conventions which alter the way audiences perceive a star and/or a brand image.

This news story and example tweets build Kodaline’s meta-narrative to give them the appearance of an uprising, youthful, innovative band who just want to have fun, and are successful in doing so.

Risk Assessment.


Our group met and we compiled a risk assessment. We discussed the possible, numerous hazards of our location, and how we intended to prevent injury while filming. We also scheduled where and when we would be filming to avoid confusion and allow teachers to easily monitor us.

Visual Shot List for Performance.


We created a Google Slides document, to visually show what we wanted to create in our performance section. We captured screenshots from Indie pop music videos then analysed them and considered if we would like to produce similar shots. Our focus was on sombre, reflective music videos: