Website Previous Students Work.


Analysing a previous students work would help me to understand further how I should present my artists website.

The XX have an extremely accessible website, much like the professional ones I have explored previously; all the information is available mostly on the homepage, by scrolling below the fold. However there is also a navigation bar and menu available which will scroll you’re view down automatically when clicked to the appropriate information- anyone could easily navigate the website (although there is no search tool). The homepage does not feature a hero shot, but replaces this with the actual music video, increasing the website’s pull.

Their website provide information on the band’s background, in the form of a section of copy text, the band’s songs, tour dates (buy tickets – push), and convergent media links- all relevant information, in small doses that would interest their audience.

From the aesthetics, mies-en-scene, body language and facial expressions of the band, and website house style, photography, font, background image and terminology/slang in place I found the band to be: youthful, upcoming, innovative, punk-ish, rebellious, thought-provoking, cheeky and fun. This branding was consistent through the band’s music video and Digipak so their presentation of their artists was very clear. The media section of the website acted as thumbnails and hyperlinks to the social media- smooth interactivity and connectivity between platforms.

I think this students website is very professional looking and fulfils Blumler and Katz uses and gratifications, as the ‘sign up’ at the bottom can contribute to personal identity, there is information, and there is entertainment available.

DigiPak Photo Mock Up.


This is our primary mockup of our DigiPak; we outsourced some content (from the internet), to get a general idea what our end product would look like, and to test out some innovative ideas/edits:

Front Cover -We decided to change the name of the album to relate to nature more to fit our Indie Pop genre further- “Sierra”. This name lead us to designing a simplistic drawing of mountains for our cover- we knew we wanted to include a simplistic small drawing from our previous mood-board. We used our Illustrator and Photoshop skills to create a innovative impression of our artist as its conventional for our genre to have an aspect of the artist on the cover, but not a generic photograph.

Inside Left – This is an example of double exposure, which we were excited to experiment with (this was not our image- we did add in a blue pastel gradient to maintain a house style), this effect creates the impression of emotion, and placing a city landscape inside would contrast the nature imagery- which could be really effective/emotive.

Inside Right – This circular watercolour effect was really effective. We decided to mirror the mountains on the cover with this – same placement for consistency. The colour scheme we used was really aesthetically pleasing and this made our artist seem really innovative.

Back cover- This image is meant to look like a Polaroid replica. This is our owned image and we edited the colours in Photoshop to be pastel pink and blue.

Digi-pak Moodboards


For our physical mood-board we gathered images from magazines, printed pictures, re-created fonts and colour palettes of paint and created out artists mood-board, representing what aesthetic we were aiming for.We also produced a digital mood-board of online inspiration we researched- We thought about the images denotation, connotations and what they encode, and if that is relevant to the Indie Pop genre.

Previous Students Work – DigiPak


The next step was to review and being inspired by previous student’s work. Knowing what works as an effective CD case will help us to produce our own. I really like this students work, I think it all connects together, and has given me good inspiration for my own work.

Our Mission Statement


We have produced a music video for our star, now we are refreshing our knowledge on our target audience as we begin working on our Digipak. The Digipak will relate with the music video and a website. We are now creating a mission statement for our artist, who we’ve called ‘Jake Martin’. The language we choose to use in the mission statement will have to make him stand out from the pre-existing Indie Pop artists.

Who is your Audience?

  • Our target audience demographic is typically female, 18-24 with a monthly spare income of less than £125 available.
  • They enjoy other media such as talk shows, Harry Potter and other young adult series, comedies, other unique/quirky bands such as The Wombats and support strong females, such as Sarah Millican.
  • They are mainly left wing, liberals, who therefore believe in equal opportunity, and working together; they are young and enjoy in-depth media with unexpected twists.

A Call to Action

  • Our audience want to engage with our star on a equal level. Feel a connection and relate to the music/lyrics produced by the artist.
  • The audience could invest their time in the star by following them on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify (etc); and purchasing their merchandise.

    Who are the competition?

  • Similar Indie Pop artists, and therefore the competition are ‘Foster The People’, ‘Florence and the Machine’ and ‘Lorde’.
  • Other Indie Pop stars album art regularly features artistic renditions of the singers faces, dramatic, sombre facial expressions (laying down) and funky-looking fonts.
  • Their websites are simplistic, with very little text, a large image of the star, a few simple but effective animations/transitions, a solid two/three colour scheme, tour dates, album releases and promotions for merchandise.

Our USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Our star image is an average, emotional guy with superb musical talent.
  • Our singer is already well established, with a large fan base and clear star image/brand; but are not world-renowned.
  • ‘Jake’ will present himself to be an average guy. He is a young, good-looking, hip singer. He is friendly and produces his own meaningful, catchy songs about their his actual life experiences.
  • Conventionally ‘Jake’ as an Indie Pop star, should be emotional . The ‘Follow your Fire’ music video is about a break up, so ‘Jake’ wouldn’t be rebranding himself by being venerable and emotional here. However if the other 9-12 tracks on the album are about this breakup, this could be an event in his life that he is sharing with his audience. (Profiting from and building his star image up).
  • According to Dyer’s theory, our star is emphasising the ordinary, but as he is apart of this abstract, symbolic media text, he is also extraordinary.

Your Mission Statement.

Jake Martin has a message, paired with a rhythmic beat, and unexpected, exciting key changes. Misleadingly uplifting songs, with life experiences playing through your speakers. Your thoughts. His lyrics.

Digipak Conventions Analysis


To understand the conventions of a Digipak, we started by analysing existing, professional versions. Analysing one specific to our Indie Pop genre was vital; we decided to analyse the Digipak for a different Kodaline album, ‘Coming Up For Air’. This would allow us to understand what their existing brand is, and what elements convey their star image.

First we disused what generic Digipack conventions involved: a album name(usually symbolic, or repetition of a song title), the artists name, a record label logo, a bar code, graphic artwork illustrate the tone of the album, photograph of the artist(s), colour scheme e.t.c.


Music Video Draft 4


From the feedback we received, we have made some edits; we’ve officially added the “doodle” effect to our music video, which I believe drastically improves the narrative of the music video and increases the video’s visual interest. The girlfriend’s creativity now shines through, and the video has more meanings to be decoded as the drawing are quote symbolic and metaphorical. While adding in this frame by frame effect, we learnt how to elongated the drawings, more effectively animate some movement/ interaction with the water (as suggested in peer feedback). We made sure to include slow motion clips, which ultimately were emphasised by the drawings.

This is peer feedback for our draft four, filmed using Screencastify:

Summary of feedback:


– The outlines are cool

– Shots looking at camera are good

– literal use of drawings (e.g puzzle piece)

– energetic performance, match the beat of the song.

– Jump on the best- both characters = continuity

– Steady shots- even tracking shots

– Balloon grab is interesting

– Narrative is clearer now

– Juxtaposition between the two locations, colourings

– Medium close ups are cool

– Shots at the end of the song are slow motion, this fits the song

– Graphic drawings are good


– Little bit of lip-syncing out of time

– More close ups, more connection to the star

Music Video Draft 3


This is our draft three of our music video, we’ve made several edits due to our previous feedback:

  • We have used colour correction to make the clips including the male star have duller, bluer highlights, and reduced saturation. Then we increased the saturation and warmth in the female clips in contrast.
  • We added a vignette to the wide shot of the girlfriend looking out of the doorway (frame within a frame), and intend to add more vignettes throughout the video, for an emphasised sense of instability in their relationship, regret and internal struggles.
  • In premier we added more stabilisers added to make the movements smoother, and visually more pleasing.
  • More static shots added as suggested by teacher feedback, which does give the video a more professional look.
  • We slow down some of the cutting speeds at the start of the song, as suggested by feedback, but sped it up and tried to cut more on the beat particularly in the chorus.
  • We’ve moved around, and replaced some of the performance clips in an attempt to improve the lip-syncing, timing; to make the video more believable.

From the YouTube comment section we will gather peer feedback; and will produce an improved draft from their suggestions:

Summary of the peer feedback:

  • Great camera movement– use both moving and static shots
  • Good setting/location
  • Interesting use of contrasting the two colours– warm and cold
  • Interesting contrast between the two characters
  • Good energy
  • There are a range of shot angles and distances used
  • Relationship and connection between the main character of the narrative and the performer was shown throughout the video- movements connected e.g jumping, glances
  • Narrative is clear
  • The video is well edited to the beat of the song
  • The peers also really liked the parts of the video that are in slow motion
Possible improvements:
  • Trim down the shot at 1:30 as the shot starts noticeably before movement
  • Have star interact with water (could animate in)
  • The performer’s lip syncing is sometimes a little bit out of time
  • Have the two characters meet
  • Include some more metaphoric/abstract shots
  • Add in some more slow motion shots
  • There could be some quicker/faster shot-reverse shots to pick up the pace of the song

Feedback from Teacher


Mr Gregson recorded this feedback for us, which we discussed as a group, bullet pointed and summarised below:

Possible Improvements:

  • Ensure the lip syncing is correct- timed well.
  • Don’t have our actor lip syncing the high pitched chorus part- Have Macy instead- possibly something creative with the animations.
  • More distinction between the colour (correction), added in Adobe Premier Pro.
  • Add vignette to create a larger contrast and warmer felling the clips of Macy.
  • Add more clips of the doorway, to represent her want to leave, and his absence.
  • Try and use “curves” to change the over exposure in some Macy clips.
  • Macy clips cut too quickly at the start, slow that part down, or move that section.
  • Macy changes jacket to represent her changing attitude- change the way this is cut into the video.
  • Find a different way of “hitting the beat”, for the second crescendo.
  • Reorder the Macy footage: Ripping up paper much later, walking away, tracking backwards. To better display the narrative.
  • Push into some shots, to have a more professional look.
  • Graphic match between the couple.
  • Flowers through- cut to black? Throw something at Mat?
  • Add stabilisers to the footage.

Positives of our draft:

  • The movement away from Macy towards the end of the video
  • The extreme close up of Macy
  • Movement on the crescendo
  • The doorway-she’s obviously waiting
  • The drawing ripped and bars let go are a good symbolic element
  • Great acting from both actors

In summary, the footage we do have is good, but re-ordering, recolouring, timing cuts better, adding our animation and smooth transitions to will vastly improve the music video.