Our Mission Statement


We have produced a music video for our star, now we are refreshing our knowledge on our target audience as we begin working on our Digipak. The Digipak will relate with the music video and a website. We are now creating a mission statement for our artist, who we’ve called ‘Jake Martin’. The language we choose to use in the mission statement will have to make him stand out from the pre-existing Indie Pop artists.

Who is your Audience?

  • Our target audience demographic is typically female, 18-24 with a monthly spare income of less than £125 available.
  • They enjoy other media such as talk shows, Harry Potter and other young adult series, comedies, other unique/quirky bands such as The Wombats and support strong females, such as Sarah Millican.
  • They are mainly left wing, liberals, who therefore believe in equal opportunity, and working together; they are young and enjoy in-depth media with unexpected twists.

A Call to Action

  • Our audience want to engage with our star on a equal level. Feel a connection and relate to the music/lyrics produced by the artist.
  • The audience could invest their time in the star by following them on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify (etc); and purchasing their merchandise.

    Who are the competition?

  • Similar Indie Pop artists, and therefore the competition are ‘Foster The People’, ‘Florence and the Machine’ and ‘Lorde’.
  • Other Indie Pop stars album art regularly features artistic renditions of the singers faces, dramatic, sombre facial expressions (laying down) and funky-looking fonts.
  • Their websites are simplistic, with very little text, a large image of the star, a few simple but effective animations/transitions, a solid two/three colour scheme, tour dates, album releases and promotions for merchandise.

Our USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Our star image is an average, emotional guy with superb musical talent.
  • Our singer is already well established, with a large fan base and clear star image/brand; but are not world-renowned.
  • ‘Jake’ will present himself to be an average guy. He is a young, good-looking, hip singer. He is friendly and produces his own meaningful, catchy songs about their his actual life experiences.
  • Conventionally ‘Jake’ as an Indie Pop star, should be emotional . The ‘Follow your Fire’ music video is about a break up, so ‘Jake’ wouldn’t be rebranding himself by being venerable and emotional here. However if the other 9-12 tracks on the album are about this breakup, this could be an event in his life that he is sharing with his audience. (Profiting from and building his star image up).
  • According to Dyer’s theory, our star is emphasising the ordinary, but as he is apart of this abstract, symbolic media text, he is also extraordinary.

Your Mission Statement.

Jake Martin has a message, paired with a rhythmic beat, and unexpected, exciting key changes. Misleadingly uplifting songs, with life experiences playing through your speakers. Your thoughts. His lyrics.

Digipak Conventions Analysis


To understand the conventions of a Digipak, we started by analysing existing, professional versions. Analysing one specific to our Indie Pop genre was vital; we decided to analyse the Digipak for a different Kodaline album, ‘Coming Up For Air’. This would allow us to understand what their existing brand is, and what elements convey their star image.

First we disused what generic Digipack conventions involved: a album name(usually symbolic, or repetition of a song title), the artists name, a record label logo, a bar code, graphic artwork illustrate the tone of the album, photograph of the artist(s), colour scheme e.t.c.