Webpage Draft One & Final Version


This is the first draft of our website, which we will work on to improve. Click to be navigated to the site.

Draft One

We were really inspired by this main image, with the feathers covering our stars full face. Its playful like the Indie Pop genre should be. The idea/house style of the vibrant coloured feathers falling down the page developed as we edited, we added a fade in animation and filters to our feathers. The rest of the design is simplistic, with little copy (conventional) and plenty of images. I am really happy with this first draft.

The website also features:

  • External, convergent links to (social) media sites
  • Ticket purchasing for tours
  • Advertisements for merchandise, with a “hover over” effect
  • Clear subheadings, so navigation is simplistic 
  • Subscription feature
  • Music playback section

Possible improvements:

  • Have a news section and create couple of news stories about the star. – DONE
  • A gallery page. Including images of our star ‘out and about’. -DONE (Included in the News section)
  • Create 3 album covers to make him a more fleshed out artist. -DONE
  • Make the opening body of text more like a mission statement. – DONE
  • Include drop down menu.
  • Write an introduction for the ‘Follow Your Fire’ music video. – DONE
  • More advertisement/ excitement about the Digipak. – DONE (more ways to find it, more colour around it, intro sentence).

Final Version

This is the new and improved, final version of our Website. The changes I made were based on feedback and our personal understanding of website conventions. The main changes, which I am excited about are in the presentation below:

Web Page Conventions


In the process of creating our own web page for our artist we explored the plethora already available to our target audience. What conventions, features, types of images, segments and tone their sites had, and how this reflected the overall star image. If we can maintain the audiences’ AIDA (attraction, interest, desire and action) pull and push them, and apply Blumler and Katz ‘Uses and Gratifications’ (such as information and entertainment) on our website, the audience will most likely return to the website, be bigger fans of the band and produce a profit. Below is the video we filmed on Screencastify highlighting the web page conventions used by Indie Pop band ‘Death cab for a Cutie’.

Website Previous Students Work.


Analysing a previous students work would help me to understand further how I should present my artists website.

The XX have an extremely accessible website, much like the professional ones I have explored previously; all the information is available mostly on the homepage, by scrolling below the fold. However there is also a navigation bar and menu available which will scroll you’re view down automatically when clicked to the appropriate information- anyone could easily navigate the website (although there is no search tool). The homepage does not feature a hero shot, but replaces this with the actual music video, increasing the website’s pull.

Their website provide information on the band’s background, in the form of a section of copy text, the band’s songs, tour dates (buy tickets – push), and convergent media links- all relevant information, in small doses that would interest their audience.

From the aesthetics, mies-en-scene, body language and facial expressions of the band, and website house style, photography, font, background image and terminology/slang in place I found the band to be: youthful, upcoming, innovative, punk-ish, rebellious, thought-provoking, cheeky and fun. This branding was consistent through the band’s music video and Digipak so their presentation of their artists was very clear. The media section of the website acted as thumbnails and hyperlinks to the social media- smooth interactivity and connectivity between platforms.

I think this students website is very professional looking and fulfils Blumler and Katz uses and gratifications, as the ‘sign up’ at the bottom can contribute to personal identity, there is information, and there is entertainment available.