Evaluation of web design application


I have learnt a lot of features that I wasn’t previously aware were conventional for websites such as thumbnails (which are pictorial links), Hero shots (main image of star) and the importance of above the fold and below.

I am now able to use the correct terminology to describe elements I had previously been aware of. For example I knew the majority of website ad a large title on the splash/homepage but am now aware of the correct term: leaderboard. I knew there are often menus, which I will now refer to as Navigation bars, and links to social media called interactive links.

The design idea for the feathers (which I really like), originally came from the photoshoot. On Wix.com you can import images, with transparent backgrounds and apply filters. I made our feathers neon and the house style of this website came together really well.

There are many features on Wix.com, we experimented using many different elements to arrange the merchandise page. First we considered what merchandise our target audience would like, then photoshopped and used online software to create imagery of the merchandise. We chose circular icons to display the images, and worked out how to create a hover-over effect. It was difficult to arrange these aesthetically, and we had to work out how to link these to amazon (etc).

Production Skills Evaluation 3


Our Indie Pop album needed to have a truly unique and interesting style, so we decided to create an artistic illustration for our cover. Using the Blob Brush Tool in Adobe Illustrator we outlined a image of our star, then experimented deleting lines, filling sections and warping the shape. This tool allows you to draw any shape you desire, but fixes the lines to be straighter. I have experimented with Illustrator before, but together we used lots of different elements of the software I hadn’t yet used. Megan suggested we used the Blob Brush Tool to write out the albums cover as well as the illustrations…

This an example of the other song titles we wrote out for the back panel, which we arranged to look like the writing along the bottom of a Polaroid picture. This font and arrangement is unique, makes it more personal – fitting with our star’s image.

Production skills two


Primarily, we had to “Nest” the clips to add the stabiliser effect, as our video proportion ratio’s were different to Adobe Premier Pro’s expectations. Nesting a clip, or several clips creates another sequence, which allows you to edit within. The “Warp Stabilsier” came under the effects category and gave us a bar of progression while it stabilised, percentage of completion and a selection of adjustments under the Effect Controls tab. This change was made due to feedback and has had a really positive effect on our music video’s professional look.

Related image

So we’ve begun to add animations to our music video, to increase the symbolic representation of the music video, gain more interest and make the video seem more alive and abstract. The girlfriend character, because if the genre conventions, we made a creative person, this “doodling” we are now going to add in, will demonstrate this well. Inspired by:

We independently figured out how to apply a After Effects composition to a video clip, then from there we had a whole new editing software to work our way around.

Our design skills increased as we began animating, by opening the brush tools and paint tools at the side of our workspace then, edited careful which sized brush, slanted, transparent or stylistic. We produced a taster clip of which we were imagining, drawing the lines using the mouse of the computer.

Then Megan brought in an amazing piece of graphic technology, called a —-  this was really exciting as it allowed us to quickly and more naturally draw the shapes we wanted. We produced another mini example now using our actual music video footage.

I feel really confident in the design and technological skills I have developed, as we worked them out progressively, together. They have helped towards appropriately conveying our Indie Pop genre, star image and representation of our themes.

Production Skills One.


Reflection is really important, so I can evaluate how much I have learnt and later come back to this post if I forget how I have done things. I currently feel like this production stage os going well for us.

I have learnt how to use Adobe Premier Pro to adjust the exposure, brightness, clip contrast, and highlights in the ‘effect’ category of the editing software. We increased the brightness and ultimately the whiteness of the clips of him. We also decreased the contrast to make him look duller and therefore add to the narrative and star image– he isn’t as vibrant as the girlfriend character we later filmed.

In terms of basic, starter skills, we’re now confident in removing audio form imported clips (right click, unlink, select audio and delete), placing imported clips into tidy, organised folders (drag and drop- DO NOT MOVE CLIPS OUTSIDE OF PROGRAMME = RED SCREEN OF DEATH), inside and outside of the programmes. We can now adjust (although its not yet perfect) the clips to match the audio (lip-syncing). We also used the razor tool and the duration settings, to effect the regretful, remembrance tone we were aiming for. (Duration: right click clip, adjust the duration and speed percentages).

We used the effects panel to also zoom in, to crop the clips into more visually pleasing, genre appropriate scale; so the star fills the frame, to imply he is important. Together Megan and I also made the cutting speed conventional, and fast, meaning that our star was seen as energetic, passionate, and the overall music video intense and emotional.

Although these production skills are amazing to now have, we lack the animation, doodle effect we desperately want to feature in our music video, so we will develop this skill next…