Flow Chart and Preferred Website template


After having explored other music stars websites, we knew the conventional layouts, and made this flow chart to plan the navigation of our stars website.

We decided having pages that scrolled down to more information was a simple and informative layout. The pages have general titles, but also feature other relevant information to the audience may also be interested in (for example a fan surfing for merchandise to purchase, may also be interested in following the star’s social media, so links are available below the fold).

We then signed up to Wix.com, explored the options available to us and began creating a website. This was our chosen start template for our website.

Website Terminology.


Before producing our own website for our artist, we analysed and researched the terminology for the conventions. By becoming accustomed to, and aware of conventions we can create a more effective, interesting and professional website- so in reality it could produce more income, be easier for fans to navigate, sell tickets and play music etc… The terminologies and conventions can be considered to be very similar to magazines, as a leaderboard is basically a masthead, a hero shot a star image etc. Website are a more accessible, free, modern version of magazine but specific for certain stars, hobbies, companies etc

Individually I annotated Twenty One Pilots and Florence and the Machine websites, labelling the specific conventions they followed: