So…I’m ready to make some media!

From completing my world tour poster I now know different skills which I will be able to use when making and designing my own music magazine.

Some of the things I am going to have to include when making my magazine are the following:

Font; is the font I have chosen going to stand out? Is it eye catching to the readers? what type of font does it need to be hand-written, script or even sand-serif? Does the font suit the certain type of genre?

Colours; does it suit the certain type of genre? What mood am I trying to create with colour? Do the colour clash or do they work? What colour scheme am I using?

Image; does it fit my genre? Is it appropraite for the genre/audience? Does it stand out? Does it work using rule of thirds? Is the models eyes looking at text to direct where the reader has to look?

Layout; does it fit on page? Rule of thirds, How does the poster look all together? Is it set out in order of how you want reader to read it?

Magazine features; main cover star, main cover line, masthead, captions, pug, plug, cover lines, inserts, the issue/date and barcode.

AIDA; attention, interest ,design and action. Think of how to include elements to target each of the issues and points.

By including and thinking of all these points I will be able to have all of the neccessary features for my cover. It should also look presentable and attractive to the reader to carry on wanting to read more, this will lead to a successful and popular magazine.

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