Design Skills 1

For my design skills 1 I didn’t use very many design skills they were mainly simple. The ones I did use were the Ellipsis tool. The Ellipsis tool is where you can create different shapes and sizes, I decided to create circles and then use 2 different colours to give the magazine more pop genre to it and because I wanted to make it more unique and not ordinary.

Here is a snip tool of when I had created the shape:

I then used multiple fonts and colours because I wanted to get across my theme and genre of my music magazine which is pop and I used some simple fonts but then also some up beat fonts which will make it more fun and exciting for the reader.

How I photoshopped the image

  • Firstly, I started by cropping the image and centring the 2 models so that they fitted well on the image (rule of thirds)
  • I then lightened and contrasted the picture until I was satisfied with my pictutre
  • Then layed the picture on to indesign and then played with where I wanted my writing until I was satsified with my outcome of the design. This design skill affected my product by making it different to everyone else as everyone had different things in their magazines.

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