Design skills 2

Here is a couple of snip tools I used to improve my DPS with these new design skills.

I used the spot healing tool to cover any spots my models had which made the picture look more clean and more appealing to the reader, I found it very easy to use and even though it made a small differnce it still made the picture look 100% better. It is one of the most popular tools on Photoshop and I can see why as it is so easy. Even better if they didn’t leave some red marks once they had gotten rid of the spots.



Next, I then created this diamond in photoshop with the pattern tool, I then used the colour button to change the colours of the pattern to make it fun and bold but also unique at the same time. I put it behind one of my star images to create a colourful effect, which connotes this dramatic entrance for my star image and signifies that she has to be the centre of attention. Even better if didn’t look so blurry.



Finally, I used the sharpen tool which sharpened all of the edges of my pictures that I cut out for my DPS which gave me a clean cut image and smooth picture to help create a story behind my DPS of my star image showing that she has sass and confidence just because of the diamond.

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