So…How is it going?

Is my brand clearly reflected in the design of my pages and the images of my stars? And your transferrable skills?

My brand pop is clearly reflected in the design of my pages and the images of my stars they are clear and easy to understand through my music magazine and the conventions like fun and bright colourful patterns, we also had to come up with our own logo and create a front cover, contents page and DPS to promote my brand which is Shuffle.

Whilst I started creating my music magazine I learnt and discovered new skills which could possibly be used in future jobs. A few of these skills are design skills which I need to make sure that I try to always keep my reader’s attention and make that they want to read on. Another skill I have discovered is using language to attract the reader and entertain them into reading.

As well as the new skills I have learnt I have managed to improve in areas I had no confidence in such as organising and taking control in importance things. I had to organise two photo shoots for my magazine one for my front and one for my contents and to do this I had to plan what we needed and who was bringing it and when and where it was as well as also doing a risk assessment to make sure I had thought about all the things that could have possibly gone wrong with my shoots.

I also think I’ve gained in working individually indpendent, working on my own as well as in a team with my peers and also when shooting models to create images which will work best for my music magazine and my genre.

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