Question 4: So… How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?

 Above is a flow chart that I created on Lucid Chart, I took everything that I have used throughout this componenent to highlight the process of different technologies and how they have been integrated with each other I made my magazine. Notably, I have used a wide range of technology over the past few months in order to  research, plan, edit, produce, publish and evaluate all of my work.
In particular, I learnt how technologies rely on other technologies in order to complete multiple tasks within the project.Moreover, I have split this flow chart into three categories to highlight the three main technologies:
  • Hardware Technology – Pink
  • Software Technology – Turquoise
  • Online Technology – Blue

Furthermore, for each category I have explained how and where I have used the specific technology and how it impacted on my product overall. As you can see, I then linked it with an arrow to show how it links and contrasts with other technology to show how they are all integrated within the production process. Finally, I then displayed (at the end of each paragraph) which stage of the production process I used in it:

  • Research and Planning – (RP)
  • Production – (P)
  • Post-Production – (PP)
  • Evaluation – (E)

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