Prelim Task 2- Tell me a story

Below is my story board highlighting all the key points and angles that went on in my clip, this story was about two male teenagers in a relationship where one is completly in love with the other whereas the other doesn’t look too happy to be in a couple with him but he decided to change that at the end.

By making the story board I used a sheet of A3 paper and 16 sticky notes and drew what my models were going to do and the different camera shots and angles that I was going to use and the description of facial expressions/action.

In the video I was looking to achieve a clip with no dialogue in it, I had to make sure it showed reaction and action and was exctiting for the audience.There were a couple of props needed for this clip and they were a flower, a love letter and finally a ring.

The assessment criteria relating to filming and ensure that you take those into account during your planning and filming. TheseĀ are:

1. Holding a shot steady
2. Framing a shot
3. (Shooting a) variety of shot distances

3 Strengths are;

  • The music fitted well together
  • The clips worked well after each other
  • The organisation eg the storyboard worked out well

3 weaknesses are;

  • More closes up of each of the models reactions in each section
  • The clips could run more smoothly after each shot
  • Something at the end as the ending is very short and abrupt


After filming the whole video a couple things I now know what I should have done whilst filming is

  • Filmed each shot twice just so if something goes wrong I have a back up one
  • Filmed each shot from every angle so I have a variety to choose from
  • Filmed shots from each distance so that you have a shot from each perspective


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