Performance rough cut- Draft 1

Above is a draft video for my performance music video which we filmed all in a pink room which was full with gigantic windows

Self assessment

Our mise en scene was very organised and thought about properly as my partner amd I wanted it to stand out to the audience. In order for our mise en scene to work perfectly we decided to use bright bold colours to brighten the video and make it look the fullest we possibly could using the bits we could to organise everything. Once we had recorded all of our shots we then put them all on the D drive and put them into the rough cut in Premiere Pro with the audio to Don’t Kill My Vibe. This then proved if my partner and I had taken enough clips and if they portrayed the correct message for our pop genre. Through completing this task it identified what was successful and unsuccessful and what my partner and I could do to improve our video.

What was successful:

  • Mise-en-scene – we achieved a very bright, bold look which helped the performance come together and made it look bold and colourful.
  • Editing to the beat worked really well within this video, where the clips and transitions worked well along side the beat of the song.
  • Use of happy transitions, with the 3 different coloured outfits I used worked well as they were vibrant and made the actress look the part and play the part which will help the audience understand the genre my partner and I are trying to portray to the audience.
  • The lip syncing with both the performance clip and audio flowed really well, where they both worked in beat with each other.

What was unsuccessful:

  • Colouring of the clips, the colour wasn’t consistent throughout, the lighting was lowkey within some of the long shots as they were too dark and didn’t blend well with the background
  • There wasn’t much variety in angles and framing within the clip, where the clips were either straight on or the performer was angled within the frame and the long shots were too blurry and dark/
  • A lack of shot distances and movement in the frame lead to less variety in shots leading it to be less interesting and we got no close ups so the performer could not connect with the audience.

Targets for improvement:

  • Add in more effects so the clips flow nicely after each other and makes it look more like a story
  • Use a wider variety in shot angels and framing, with canted angles, high angles and low angels.
  • Use a wider variety of shot distances which include movement , such as mid-shots and long shots to reveal more about the scene and reveal more movement and action and engage the audience more
  • Make sure that before recording the camera is in focus and that we are happy with the set up of the shot.

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