Production Skills Evaluation 1

Below is screen shot that I took of some of the tools used in Premiere Pro.

Firstly the first production skill I have properly learnt used how to use the razor tool. The razor tool has helped me a lot when editing different shots to make sure that the editing specific clips and the lip syncing is in point and accurate to the beat of the music we have already, this tool is one of the most used tool and the most popular in Premiere Pro. When editing the razor tool it really helped when putting the narrative shots into the performance shot because we could get the exact bit we wanted to leading up to the climax of the song and we had the right equilibrium in the right place for this draft and the other draft following on.

Next skills I have learnt is transitions I have learnt how to add some effects such as cross dissolve which is an effect which allows you to fade/dissolve your starting clip into another different clip which I found useful when editing the narrative into the performance clips so that there is continuity and movement but it also made sure that the two clips were not jumping from each shot so it did not look tacky.

Another skill that I have learnt is Colour correcting I used the effects panel to edit the colour of the clips because the lighting was off in a few of them. I can use this effect to make the shots look brighter and more vibrant to suit the genre which is pop. I also am trying to portray to the audience and would be better through bright colours and lots of vibrance allowing us to create the star image we want to portray which was a colourful, bright and confident person as well as meeting the genre conventions.

The third skill I learnt how to do is changing the speed of a clip and reversing it. I can slow down the clip and speed them up which means I can make some parts slow motion or a lot quicker so that the clips fit with the beat better. I can also reverse the clips which makes the clips look quite fun because we can use one clip and then copy it and make it go the opposite way. I used this for the narrative in a few clips to make it more interesting and variety because the change of speed makes it different as well as fun like the conventions of the pop genre.




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