Music Video Draft 2 includes narrative

Self Assessment:

My partner and I worked together to edit the video doing equal amounts each to ensure we both get a chance to edit so it is a fair amount. We used our performance draft and added narrative into the parts we think would be appropriate in order to tell the story but not to overwhelm the performance and give away the whole story. We cut down the clips and edited to the beat to create a sense of continuity within the story. We also slowed down some clips and sped some up as well as reversed them to add a sense of variety for the clips and some fun into the video making it conventional and exciting to the pop genre.

What went well:

  • We added some effects such as cross dissolve to add some transitions to the clip
  • We enhanced some of the colours to make the clip is bright enough
  • Our narrative shots look good with the performance clips especially the close up of her with the balloons

Targets for improvement:

  • Colour correct the clips so they look the same and so they can be brighter and more vibrant to suit the genre
  • Make sure the clips are still- stabilize them
  • Double check the lip syncing is in time
  • More close ups and variety so it is more personal

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