Music Video Draft 3

Above is draft 3 of our music video. We have used the targets from our teacher and some of the advice from the specsavers team to create a better draft with brighter colours, more effects and transitions.

What we changed:

  • Brightened most of the clips because they are quite dark
  • Steadied the black flower shot at around 00.09.01
  • Added a still shot of black flowers to the background for the performer to sing in front at around 00.27.20
  • Put lyrics around the performer at around 00.55.10
  • Added another clip of narrative which is a slow motion clip with the balloons at around 1.10.02 to help with the build up of colour
  • Added block dissolve at 1.39.02
  • Made a 4 way split screen at around 1.27.22
  • Inserted text saying “HEY!” at around 2.12.00


  • Make sure all lip syncing is in order
  • All the shots match and all look like the same type of music video

5-6 youtube comments

We asked 5 media students in our class to give us feedback on our Draft 3 here is a screenshot of our feedback

Here is the result we got back

The positive feedback we got

  • The MES was good
  • Good storyline
  • Colours work well together
  • Narrative and performancr are well balanced
  • lyrics on screen look good
  • wide range of shots
  • split screen are effective
  • black flower background


The negative feedback we got

  • background colour in some shots need brigtened to match
  • side on shot lip syncing is off
  • second chorus needs faster pace edits

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