Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

In one of our media lessons two members of the creative team at specsavers came into our lesson to give us feedback and tips for our videos. We thought about some questions to ask them which included; How to do a split screen?, How to to brighten the colours so they are all the same? How to add something into the background?

We showed them our video and they told us that the MES was good and they liked the colours and it all worked well for the song we chose. They also showed us how to do some new effects which we had never done before such as:

  • Using the mask tool. We got shown how to use the mask tool to cut out part of a clip to make it show in front of a clip behind. We could then change the opacity to the amount we wanted the image to be seen. We used this in the background of a couple of clips such as the one with black flowers.
  • Using an adjustment layer to put the same affect/ colour on a selected amount of clips. However, he said that sometimes it is better to edit the colour of each clip individually because the lighting is usually different every time a new clip is filmed.
  • He showed us an easy way of doing a split screen which involved changing the scale and position of the clips which were layered on top of one another so more than one would show on the screen. He also showed us how to use the mask tool for this so we could change the shaped of the clip in order to fit them on the screen.

My partner and I then did some further research uing youtube tutorials on what they had told us in order to make sure we knew exactly what to do:


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