Music Video Draft 4

What we have changed:

  • Edited brightness of most clips
  • Made black flower background brighter
  • Added more clips to make faster edits
  • Added balloon background
  • Added transitions such as block dissolve and radial swipe
  • Changed from split screen to one clip moving around screen
  • Added 4 colour gradient effect
  • Added colour emboss


  • Stabilize the opening shots
  • Add more contrast for the black shots
  • Crop into her more/ zoom in some places to enlarge her
  • Play with the colour saturation and maybe make the first few shots monochrome
  • Could use some more of the dotty/ dissolve overlay
  • Add some more lyrics in places
  • Flip the shots at 1.23- change perspective
  • Spin some shots perhaps
  • Double check the lip syncing because some of it is out of sync
  • She looks at the production team in some clips- either use this throughout of get rid of it
  • She needs to be bigger in the split screens- crop into her more. Could also add some effects to the boxes
  • The start of the bouncy screen does not look good but the rest does. Try and change the start and use again at two other parts of the video so it isn’t so random
  • Unsure about the effect used at 2.06, it could work if there is cuts between shots (long, mid, close up)
  • Performance shot at 2.25 is too long, needs to be broken up with something
  • Not sure about the clock swipe transition after the balloon background

This feedback was important because it gave us positives and negatives on our music video and how we can make our video even better. It also gave us multiple opinions on what people like and what they didn’t.

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