Audience Ideologies

In this task below we researched who a typical fan of our music genre would be. By doing this it has allowed us to understand the wants and needs of our demographics.

This is what Stuart Hall called the ‘Reception Theory’ which is when ideologies meet and make meaning. The producer encodes a message for the demographic to decode throughout the music video. This can go three different ways, the ideal way for it to go is the ‘preferred’ way which is when the audience accepts the values and ideas encoding the text. It can go the ‘negotiated’ way which is when the audience accepts some of the values and ideas encoded in the text. It can also go a way in which as the producers we don’t want it to go which is ‘oppositional’  which is when the audience rejects the values and ideas encoded in the text. The factors which affect the reading are the demographics, pyschographics and cultural experience of the target audience.

We also have to think about using Blumler and Katz theory ‘Uses and gratifications’ which describes an active audience who can engage with the media. There is four ‘uses and gratifications’ what are; information, personal identity, social interaction and entertainment.

This is useful to us because we cam understand how to please the audience using a preferred text which allows the demographics to engage with the text. Then we will be able to achieve something conventional to the genre and something our target audience wants to purchase from us. By doing this task we can see what a typical demographic member is like and what their ideologies are, we can use this when making our digipak and website so we know what type of person we are trying to target our product at.


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