Digipak Conventions Analysis

Above is the task where we picked an artist within the genre of mine and my partner’s music video and annotated it to see what the conventions are for a pop genre digipak so we know what to include in our digipak. I decided to chose the album ‘Sucker’ by Charli XCX because I liked how the design was presented, the setup, the colour palette etc.In this task it was a necessity to choose all the right colours to make the perfect colour palette for my pop genre digipak and to make sure the audience can decode it in the right possible way by analysing this digipak from another artist from my genre we can see that the audience from this genre like bright colours like pink, a full size photograph of the star rather than just artwork on the front cover. They have used bold MES, a little amount of text which makes it easy for the audience to follow and to read but it is rather bold which would grab the audience’s eyes.

When creating our digipak I should include all of the conventions and elements when advertising our album our audience will then be satisfied with the genre of digipak and the audience will then want to buy our digipak.

The conventions I would expect to find in a digipak are:

  • Image- symbolic object, the star/the band, effects.
  • Logos- artists and record label
  • Barcode
  • Colour scheme
  • Bonus track/ feature sticker
  • Copy- album title, name of band or star, typeface.
  • Spine
  • Copyright information

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