Our Mission Statement

Here is the mission statement for the promotion package for the release of our stars album. This is a neccissity because it outlines how we are going to produce the star in the media and how we are going to get the audience to receive it and give us a guide on what we are going to include to achieve this. To create this we used intergrated advertising which means using different types of media to advertise something making the audience/ consumer become more aware of the presence of the artist and album. By creating a brand and advertising it through multiple social media channels then the audience will be able to recognise it and want to purchase there album and future albums. I will use this this to construct my product by using intergrated advertising in my digipak.

Our Star is called Astrid, her star image is a colourful, confident, trendy, lively, bright, quirky, upbeat and young solo artist developing her career through unique trends and pop music.

We want our audience to recognise the star image she is presenting and engage with the star by watching her music videos, downloading her album, going to concerts and following her social media accounts.

We will achieve this by designing a package which will intrigue the audience by using bright colours, trendy MES, a sense of uniqueness, boldness and star showing confidence to portray her image and make the audience want to listen to the album.

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