Digipak Moodboards

In the task we had to research different types of moodboards which fitted in well with our genre which is pop. I looked on the following websites which are Pintrest, Typography to inspire, Colour Lovers, Behance, Dafont and many more. We created this on Padlet, I made a moodboard to help visualise the conventions of the genre and inspiration to create our own digipak. This means that you have to think of every aspect that the audience can see. This took a lot ot time and effort that goes into creating a digipak for our demographics.

When creating our digipak we have to consider the following which are images- the MES, locations, characters, designs, graphics, illustrations, photos etc. Typefaces, colour schemes, inspirations digipaks- something similar to our pop genre, Logos and copy ideas for texts. I have also looked for conventions of the pop genre which I will need to use for my digipak so the audience know the genre and want to buy the digipak.

Some of the conventions are the conventions are bold and easy to read fonts, an extraordinary look to the star- they have to look famous and give something for the audience to want to look up to, bright colours with lots of pinks and reds due to a common theme of pop songs to be love and these are colours commonly associated with love. By doing this I could see all of the colours which are used in the pop genre and what sort of colours I should think about using for the digipak. I also got some inspiration for costumes, hair and makeup and also some props which can be used to create the star image we want to show.

We then had to consider using all the following features below to create the ideal moodboard, below is the mood board I made:


Made with Padlet

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