Digipak Collage and Handrawn mock up

In this task above my partner and I were given a task of creating a moodboard out of different materials and textures to visualise the colours we are representing. We made this using different shapes we can use as inspiration for our digipak. We used materials such as glitter, sticker, shiny fabric, tissue paper and gel paint. All of these different materials will help us and the audience visualise the MES that we want to create for the pop star or the backgrounds. We used colours we thought were conventional to the pop genre.

We also created a hand drawn mock up to give us ideas of how we should lay out our front and back pane of the digipak and what images we are thinking of using. Our idea is to have our star looking straight at the camera with a happy expression. She will have coloured powder over her face in multiple bright colours. We have then planned to use a bold font however we will need to look at different fonts we can use on websites and on our moodboard. We now have a plan which we can go into more detail using the risk assessment and the production meeting agenda. This portrays to the audience that the star image is confident, trendy, lively and bright. We are consturcting our genre through the use of bright colours, trendy MES, a sense of uniqueness and boldness.

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