Photoshoot/ Design Production Meeting Agenda

The overall aims for our digipak photo shoot is to:

  • Get lots of potential images to use on our digipak
  • Get high quality images (no blurry or out of focus ones)
  • Include bright colours through the powders which need to be applied well
  • Good MES which goes together and suits the genre and our star image
  • Shots from different angles for a variety of choice we can use- higher and lower angles, eye level, mid shots and close ups as well as a few longer shots

Below is our production meeting agenda stating what we are neccessities  including in the shoot and who is responsible. This allows us to make sure we are organised and prepared with a well laid out plan for our digipak shoot.

We also completed a risk assessment so we could identify all the potential risks which could happen and how to make sure they don’t happen. This made us think about our location and risks there as well as potential risks with our props etc.

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