Contact Sheets

Above is the contact sheets of our images that we will be using for our digipak. We were very happy with the result of our shoot as we got a variety of different shots. The main theme that we have used is the coloured powder and it turned out better than we expected and was very effective. For the outcome we were happy with how the shoot went the colours were bright and went with the rest of the MES. There are multiple images which we think will work for our ideas for the digipak. We took pictures of her face as a close mid shot distance which is one of the images that will most likely going to be the shot that we use on the front cover. Once we had finished the images of her face we took photos of the model’s hands with powder on them to maybe use on the back cover or for on the inside cover.

We will take some of the images we liked the most such as images; 1264, 1414, 1396 and a few other, into photoshop to edit them to make sure they are perfect for the covers of our digipak.

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