Evaluation of shoot

This is the shoot we did for digipak, it was successful and we got lots of potential idead from the images we can use on our digipak.

We managed to get lots of bright colours into the images using the coloured powders which we brought off amazon. The colours helped us reach the star image we want to produce which is a happy, colourful, confident, fun, bold, trendy, unique individual as well as meeting the conventions of the pop genre which includes lots of differenent bright colours. Using the powders it worked very effectively but it was quite messy so we had to spend time cleaning up, we could have planned to have more bin bags to cover more of the floor as we only brought one with us which didn’t take up that much room.

Our MES also turned out well and suited our star and the genre. The colours of the stripes on the model’s top were the same as the colours of the powders so everything tied in together well. We also managed to get the lighting right to really make the colours pop which is what we wanted to achieve.

Overall our shoot turned out really well and we are happy with the end result. We have a few options of images which we can choose from to use for our digipak covers and the inside.

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