Production Skills Evaluation 3- DP

When creating our digipak we have learnt and used some new production skills, here are some of those new skills:

The first one is the Polygonal Lasso Tool

  • Due to the colours of our photos already being very bright and colourful, we did not edit the colours much on Photoshop otherwise the contrast would have not have worked properly and there would have been too much colour and it would have not worked. The main tool we used the most was the polygonal lasso tool which we used to cut out the image so we could put it onto a bright background to make it conventional to our pop genre.


  • For our back cover we wanted to use a picture of our model’s hands with the coloured powder on however due to the bright powder we would not be able to read the text on top of the image. This meant we had to change the opacity of the image below the text in order to be able to read the text. We did this by using the eraser tool on Photoshop at a very low hardness so you can still see the image below but it is just a lower opacity than the rest of the image on the back of the digipak.

For the front cover here is our evaluation

What went well:

  • It is clear, easy and visable to understand
  • The font is easy and clear to read
  • Lots of bright and vibrant colours

Even better if:

  • Have something more interesting to it, it is missing something to make it really eye catching and suitable to the pop genre.
  • Edit the images a bit more to make sure they are perfect and the colours look really vibrant and to make our star look extraordinary and stand out.

Back cover:

What went well:

  • The image is very eye catching with the bright coloured powders which is good for the readers.
  • Very bright and suits the pop genre as well as the star image we are trying to achieve for the demographics.

Even better if:

  • We find a font which is easier to read on top of the background.
  • Blend the lower opacity part so it doesn’t just look like we have erased half of the image away.

  • I also learnt how to chane the size of the indesign and photoshop page. We had to do this so that we make a design for our digipak which fits the dimensions of a digipak which is 142mm x 125mm x 10mm, we found this out by researching it. This allows us to make sure the proportions of the design are right an everything fits into the space to make a realistic and professional looking digipak. We changed the size by changing the width and the height when creating a new document.


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