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Above is our draft 2 for our digipak which includes the spines and the inside page. We completed the shoot before making this draft so we had the images we wanted for this draft. My partner and I decided that we wanted to keep the tie dye style background the same because we thought that the colours suited the genre perfectly and it makes the digipak even more vibrant and colourful and bright to suit our star image.


What has changed?

Changed image

Front Page

  • Changed image of our star
  • Added a inside page and another where the CD fits
  • added colour behind the texts and chaged the colours for both of the texts

Back Page

  • Added a image of the model’s hands rather than just a regular background
  • Added spines and put text onto them
  • Changed font and aligned it into the middle

Added a inside page which consists of multipe little pictures of our star Astrid put into polaroids and the third page has a picture of the star’s hand with the coloured powder which the star had on her face just like the front page.

Feedback from teacher:

Targets for improvement for digipak:

  • Change the positions of the text on the front, maybe putting ‘VIBES’ on the side next to ‘ASTRID’
  • Brighten image on the front cover because she looks a bit grey.
  • Few of colours could be brightened such as her t shirt.
  • Red text could be a different colour because it doesn’t totally fit with the rest of the front cover.
  • Quite a lot going on especially with all of the colours on her face and hands as well as the tie dye. Try with a more plain background to see what it looks like and if it will be better.
  • Back is very busy and difficult to read so something needs to change there.

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