Digipak Draft 3

Below is our digipaks attached with the JPEG and the PDF with the photos we took of it in the CD case

Click to see PDF attached
Click to see PDF attached


Click to see PDF


Click to see PDF


What we changed:

  • We removed the tie die background and changed it to a solid yellow background
  • The colour of the shadow from red and blue and added another layer
  • The position of the word ‘VIBES’
  • Added the word ‘VIBES’ repeatedly on the inside panes
  • Changed the image on the back pane to just one hand to make it less busy
  • Changed the position of the writing on the back pane to make it easy to read
  • Added an inside spine in after realising it is seen from the front of the CD case

Feedback from peers:

We printed some pages with the panes of our digipak on so they could write us some feedback on what they like and what we can improve on.




Using the feedback we got from our peers, we have some targets to improve our digipak they are:

  • Text too close to edge on front cover
  • The star on the front covers eyes could be brightened to make them stand out more
  • The stars neck is red on the front cover and it looks odd
  • Could include some words on the Polaroids to fill blank space
  • The text on the pane which is on the inside and shows when in the CD case, the text only has one layer of shadow whereas the front page there is two layers is it meant to be like that to be different or should there be two? maybe try with two and see how it looks. It is also hard to tell by looking at that part who is the artist and what is the album maybe switch Astrid and Vibes around to make more sense
  • The track list font looks a little bit too simple maybe change the font
  • Front cover is a little bit plain maybe something can be done to make it look less plain
  • Background colour could be brighter on all pages
  • Her top on the front page could be brighter
  • Colours on inside pages could be brighter
  • Maybe the bar code on the back could be made transparent so it fits with the design

What we will do

Audience response:

We made a short questionnaire to give 10 people who are typical audience members for the pop genre. We gave them this so we could get a tally on whether or not we are meeting the audience needs and wants for our digipak. We showed them our digipak in the CD case for them to answer it.


What genre is this digipak?

  • Classical – 0
  • Indie – 0
  • Rock – 0
  • Rap – 0
  • Pop – 10
  • Country – 0
  • Hip-hop – 0
  • Other – 0

Which adjectives best describe the digipak?

  •  Romantic – 0
  • Rebellious – 1
  • Creative – 3
  • Quirky – 4
  • Fun – 6
  • Terrifying – 0
  • Joyful  – 3
  • Melancholic – 0
  • Uninteresting – 0
  • Other – Flirty, Bold, Upbeat, Vibrant

Following on from this the audiene’s feedback is useful and pratical for my partner and I for our final draft of our music video because it allows the target audeience to tell us the feedback they want to give on what they like and what they dislike about the video. It also gives us a different perspective on the video as we have others looking at our music video and what could be changed to make it even better. This helped my partner and I realise what we are doing well and what is working throughout the video and also what we need to change in our creative mind and design to make the music video as successful as I possibly can and to make sure our audiecne won’t reject our text. Our typical demographics member who would ve a millennial who is also female. This is generally the type of personal we asked for feedback to make sure it is all revelant to each other, we will now use the feeback we have been given and alter and develop our digipak to create something our demographics would like to see and buy.

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