Production skills 4- Evaluation of web design application

To make our website we have used the online application called to design and publish it. Here are some of the skills we have learnt on this application:

  • I have learnt how to add different elements to the website by using the add tool here which opens a bar full of different elements to add to the website. This allows us to add all of the conventions of a website such as images, text and links and many more things

  • Another thing I have learnt how to add a store to the website which is an extra page where you can promote and sell products and merchandise on which is good business advertisment for our star. I used Photoshop to design these products using the logo for Astrid which we also use on our website so that they linked together and is easy for the demographics to notice that it is Astrid’s merchanidise.

  • Finally I have also learnt how to add a link to a button which takes you to another different web page. This is conventional for websites as they often have links taking you to different windows for different websites or different parts of the same website. We used this linked button as a way for the audience to buy concert tickets to watch our star. The link takes you to ticket master. This makes the website interactive and easy to use which is going to make the demographics use it as it is easy and usable.

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