Website Draft 1 self assessment

Below is the self assessment of our first draft of the website. But above that is a screenshot of our website. Follow instruction on image to view website.

Click on image to view website



What we have included from the checklist:

  • Included digipak and music video and promoted them
  • The fonts we have used are consistent and bold
  • Fonts are relatively similar to the ones on our digipak
  • Included a gallery but no captions but these could be added
  • Added three short news articles
  • Linked to stars real social media
  • Images are all our own
  • Backgrounds are mainly solid colours or moving images from One background is a gif we created from the music video
  • Tour dates which link to Ticketmaster
  • There is a store with merchandise we designed on Photoshop
  • We have checked for spelling mistakes

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