Evaluation of shoot

This is the shoot we did for digipak, it was successful and we got lots of potential idead from the images we can use on our digipak.

We managed to get lots of bright colours into the images using the coloured powders which we brought off amazon. The colours helped us reach the star image we want to produce which is a happy, colourful, confident, fun, bold, trendy, unique individual as well as meeting the conventions of the pop genre which includes lots of differenent bright colours. Using the powders it worked very effectively but it was quite messy so we had to spend time cleaning up, we could have planned to have more bin bags to cover more of the floor as we only brought one with us which didn’t take up that much room.

Our MES also turned out well and suited our star and the genre. The colours of the stripes on the model’s top were the same as the colours of the powders so everything tied in together well. We also managed to get the lighting right to really make the colours pop which is what we wanted to achieve.

Overall our shoot turned out really well and we are happy with the end result. We have a few options of images which we can choose from to use for our digipak covers and the inside.

Contact Sheets

Above is the contact sheets of our images that we will be using for our digipak. We were very happy with the result of our shoot as we got a variety of different shots. The main theme that we have used is the coloured powder and it turned out better than we expected and was very effective. For the outcome we were happy with how the shoot went the colours were bright and went with the rest of the MES. There are multiple images which we think will work for our ideas for the digipak. We took pictures of her face as a close mid shot distance which is one of the images that will most likely going to be the shot that we use on the front cover. Once we had finished the images of her face we took photos of the model’s hands with powder on them to maybe use on the back cover or for on the inside cover.

We will take some of the images we liked the most such as images; 1264, 1414, 1396 and a few other, into photoshop to edit them to make sure they are perfect for the covers of our digipak.

Digipak Draft 1

Below is the first draft of our digipak which we created in Photoshop and InDesign. As well as this there is a slide with the self assessment of the outcome of our digipak of what went well and what could have been better. Here is the Front Pane and Back Pane of our digipak.

What went well?

  • The colours that we chose on Photoshop worked well with each other
  • The image worked well with the colourful background we made on Indesign/Photoshop

How to improve it?

  • To take images in the white studio as my partner and I just used the ones we already had.
  • Change font on the back of the difipak to make it more pleasing to look at and maybe change the writing as black doesn’t fit in with our colour palette for our genre which is bright colourful colour.
  • Change fonts on the front page as we used random fonts we thought could possibly work so we need to just pick one font.
  • In the new shoot we are doing we are adding in colourful powders which we will put all over her face and also all over her hands so if the shoot is a success then we will use different shots that we will take and hopefully they can go on the inside page and the back.

Here is the slide of the self assesment of digipak

Photoshoot/ Design Production Meeting Agenda

The overall aims for our digipak photo shoot is to:

  • Get lots of potential images to use on our digipak
  • Get high quality images (no blurry or out of focus ones)
  • Include bright colours through the powders which need to be applied well
  • Good MES which goes together and suits the genre and our star image
  • Shots from different angles for a variety of choice we can use- higher and lower angles, eye level, mid shots and close ups as well as a few longer shots

Below is our production meeting agenda stating what we are neccessities  including in the shoot and who is responsible. This allows us to make sure we are organised and prepared with a well laid out plan for our digipak shoot.

We also completed a risk assessment so we could identify all the potential risks which could happen and how to make sure they don’t happen. This made us think about our location and risks there as well as potential risks with our props etc.

Digipak Collage and Handrawn mock up

In this task above my partner and I were given a task of creating a moodboard out of different materials and textures to visualise the colours we are representing. We made this using different shapes we can use as inspiration for our digipak. We used materials such as glitter, sticker, shiny fabric, tissue paper and gel paint. All of these different materials will help us and the audience visualise the MES that we want to create for the pop star or the backgrounds. We used colours we thought were conventional to the pop genre.

We also created a hand drawn mock up to give us ideas of how we should lay out our front and back pane of the digipak and what images we are thinking of using. Our idea is to have our star looking straight at the camera with a happy expression. She will have coloured powder over her face in multiple bright colours. We have then planned to use a bold font however we will need to look at different fonts we can use on websites and on our moodboard. We now have a plan which we can go into more detail using the risk assessment and the production meeting agenda. This portrays to the audience that the star image is confident, trendy, lively and bright. We are consturcting our genre through the use of bright colours, trendy MES, a sense of uniqueness and boldness.

Digipak Moodboards

In the task we had to research different types of moodboards which fitted in well with our genre which is pop. I looked on the following websites which are Pintrest, Typography to inspire, Colour Lovers, Behance, Dafont and many more. We created this on Padlet, I made a moodboard to help visualise the conventions of the genre and inspiration to create our own digipak. This means that you have to think of every aspect that the audience can see. This took a lot ot time and effort that goes into creating a digipak for our demographics.

When creating our digipak we have to consider the following which are images- the MES, locations, characters, designs, graphics, illustrations, photos etc. Typefaces, colour schemes, inspirations digipaks- something similar to our pop genre, Logos and copy ideas for texts. I have also looked for conventions of the pop genre which I will need to use for my digipak so the audience know the genre and want to buy the digipak.

Some of the conventions are the conventions are bold and easy to read fonts, an extraordinary look to the star- they have to look famous and give something for the audience to want to look up to, bright colours with lots of pinks and reds due to a common theme of pop songs to be love and these are colours commonly associated with love. By doing this I could see all of the colours which are used in the pop genre and what sort of colours I should think about using for the digipak. I also got some inspiration for costumes, hair and makeup and also some props which can be used to create the star image we want to show.

We then had to consider using all the following features below to create the ideal moodboard, below is the mood board I made:


Made with Padlet

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Above is the task where we picked an artist within the genre of mine and my partner’s music video and annotated it to see what the conventions are for a pop genre digipak so we know what to include in our digipak. I decided to chose the album ‘Sucker’ by Charli XCX because I liked how the design was presented, the setup, the colour palette etc.In this task it was a necessity to choose all the right colours to make the perfect colour palette for my pop genre digipak and to make sure the audience can decode it in the right possible way by analysing this digipak from another artist from my genre we can see that the audience from this genre like bright colours like pink, a full size photograph of the star rather than just artwork on the front cover. They have used bold MES, a little amount of text which makes it easy for the audience to follow and t0o read but it is rather bold which would grab the audience’s eyes.

When creating our digipak I should include all of the conventions and elements when advertisisng our album our audience will then be satisfied with the genre of digipak and the audience will then want to buy our digipak.

The conventions I would expect to find in a digipak are:

  • Image- symbolic object, the star/the band, effects.
  • Logos- artists and record label
  • Barcode
  • Colour scheme
  • Bonus track/ feature sticker
  • Copy- album title, name of band or star, typeface.
  • Spine
  • Copyright information

Audience Ideologies

In this task below we researched who a typical fan of our music genre would be. By doing this it has allowed us to understand the wants and needs of our demographics.

This is what Stuart Hall called the ‘Reception Theory’ which is when ideologies meet and make meaning. The producer encodes a message for the demographic to decode throughout the music video. This can go three different ways, the ideal way for it to go is the ‘preferred’ way which is when the audience accepts the values and ideas encoding the text. It can go the ‘negotiated’ way which is when the audience accepts some of the values and ideas encoded in the text. It can also go a way in which as the producers we don’t want it to go which is ‘oppositional’  which is when the audience rejects the values and ideas encoded in the text. The factors which affect the reading are the demographics, pyschographics and cultural experience of the target audience.

We also have to think about using Blumler and Katz theory ‘Uses and gratifications’ which describes an active audience who can engage with the media. There is four ‘uses and gratifications’ what are; information, personal identity, social interaction and entertainment.

This is useful to us because we cam understand how to please the audience using a preferred text which allows the demographics to engage with the text. Then we will be able to achieve something conventional to the genre and something our target audience wants to purchase from us. By doing this task we can see what a typical demographic member is like and what their ideologies are, we can use this when making our digipak and website so we know what type of person we are trying to target our product at.


Music Video Draft 4

What we have changed:

  • Edited brightness of most clips
  • Made black flower background brighter
  • Added more clips to make faster edits
  • Added balloon background
  • Added transitions such as block dissolve and radial swipe
  • Changed from split screen to one clip moving around screen
  • Added 4 colour gradient effect
  • Added colour emboss


  • Stabilize the opening shots
  • Add more contrast for the black shots
  • Crop into her more/ zoom in some places to enlarge her
  • Play with the colour saturation and maybe make the first few shots monochrome
  • Could use some more of the dotty/ dissolve overlay
  • Add some more lyrics in places
  • Flip the shots at 1.23- change perspective
  • Spin some shots perhaps
  • Double check the lip syncing because some of it is out of sync
  • She looks at the production team in some clips- either use this throughout of get rid of it
  • She needs to be bigger in the split screens- crop into her more. Could also add some effects to the boxes
  • The start of the bouncy screen does not look good but the rest does. Try and change the start and use again at two other parts of the video so it isn’t so random
  • Unsure about the effect used at 2.06, it could work if there is cuts between shots (long, mid, close up)
  • Performance shot at 2.25 is too long, needs to be broken up with something
  • Not sure about the clock swipe transition after the balloon background

This feedback was important because it gave us positives and negatives on our music video and how we can make our video even better. It also gave us multiple opinions on what people like and what they didn’t.