Creative Critical Reflection 1- individual

Below is my answer to the question for creative critical reflection; How do your products use or challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups or issues?

I answered the overarching question using Prezi and for each section, I chose one convention and if we challenged or used it in our final products. By doing this it has allowed me to see what parts of our products are conventional and what parts we challenged the conventions with.

Please click on the image below to see the Prezi.

Creative Critical Reflection 2

Above is a video my partner and I made answering the question for Creative Critical Reflection 2. We made a director’s commentary and had to record ourselves answering the question but had to include our music video and screenshots of the theorists and pictures of our website and digipak. The question was ‘How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

Web Page Draft 2

Below is the newest draft of our website made on Wix.

Click to see the most recent draft of the website

What we have addressed from the checklist:

  • We have evidence and shown our digipak
  • We have an about statement for the star at the top of the page under her image
  • News stories from news and social media from the original star
  • Social media accounts from the original star shown with the logos for easy access
  • Our titles are in a suitable font which is bold and easy to read. Also suiting the fonts used in the digipak and also conventional to the pop genre
  • Tour dates which link to ticket master
  • A store page which includes merchandise for audience to purchase
  • Our music video is on there and briefly introduced
  • We have included a gallery of photos from our narrative and performance shoots as well as our digipak images
  • Images are all our own
  • Backgrounds are just solid colours from as well as a couple of the moving backgrounds on the website. Another of the backgrounds is a gif we made from our music video.


What we could improve on/ add-in:

  • There could be more about the digipak, making it stand out more on the page and promote more
  • We could add in a drop-down menu because there is currently none
  • Could introduce the music video more
  • We could add captions and small stories to the images in the gallery to entertain and inform the audience more
  • We haven’t linked the album cover to any music or any websites. This could be added so the demographics don’t get lost or lose interest.

Below is our screen castify with the feedback from our teacher

Targets for improvement

  • Make it so that you have to use the navigation bar to get to the different pages.
  • Make sure you can click the album and buy because of the caption.
  • Don’t need to have a click here for tour news because it is on the tour section- doesn’t need to be repeated.
  • Charge more for the store.
  • More links to other songs.

Website Draft 1 self assessment

Below is the self assessment of our first draft of the website. But above that is a screenshot of our website. Follow instruction on image to view website.

Click on image to view website



What we have included from the checklist:

  • Included digipak and music video and promoted them
  • The fonts we have used are consistent and bold
  • Fonts are relatively similar to the ones on our digipak
  • Included a gallery but no captions but these could be added
  • Added three short news articles
  • Linked to stars real social media
  • Images are all our own
  • Backgrounds are mainly solid colours or moving images from One background is a gif we created from the music video
  • Tour dates which link to Ticketmaster
  • There is a store with merchandise we designed on Photoshop
  • We have checked for spelling mistakes

Production skills 4- Evaluation of web design application

To make our website we have used the online application called to design and publish it. Here are some of the skills we have learnt on this application:

  • I have learnt how to add different elements to the website by using the add tool here which opens a bar full of different elements to add to the website. This allows us to add all of the conventions of a website such as images, text and links and many more things

  • Another thing I have learnt how to add a store to the website which is an extra page where you can promote and sell products and merchandise on which is good business advertisment for our star. I used Photoshop to design these products using the logo for Astrid which we also use on our website so that they linked together and is easy for the demographics to notice that it is Astrid’s merchanidise.

  • Finally I have also learnt how to add a link to a button which takes you to another different web page. This is conventional for websites as they often have links taking you to different windows for different websites or different parts of the same website. We used this linked button as a way for the audience to buy concert tickets to watch our star. The link takes you to ticket master. This makes the website interactive and easy to use which is going to make the demographics use it as it is easy and usable.

Flow chart and preferred template

Below is a flowchart of how the layout of our website is going to be. In order to achieve this we we use a template such as the Press Kit- Singer Songwriter template on because this template gives us the ability to be able to scroll down the whole website instead of opening lots of different pages and tabs and saving the hassle of everyone getting cofused. We can also use all of the elements we want and make it suit our star and fit our pop genre, we can make it our own.

Here is our flow chart below

Audience interaction with a website- an analysis

Above is a screen castify my partner and I made analysing and looking at how the audience can interact with Sigrid’s website. We analysed it using Blumler and Katz theories as well as AIDA which is exploring attraction, interest, desire and call to action. This is useful for my partner and I when we start to make our website of what we should include and what we shouldn’t. We have anaylsed how the audience will receive the website and how they will and how they can interact with it. By knowing this we can make sure our website targets the audience in the same way that Sigrid’s demographics read the website and how to make sure they wont reject the text and they know how to use the website


Website terminology

Below is a slideshow which has multipe screenshots of Sigrid’s website and I have analysed the different features of a website which are also on Sigrid’s website. By completing this task I have learnt the different conventions for websites in order to help us when we come to make our own website because we can understand and will know the conventions and how they have been used for the original star of our song and how she is portrayed on her website to her demographics

Digipak Draft 3

Below is our digipaks attached with the JPEG and the PDF with the photos we took of it in the CD case

Click to see PDF attached
Click to see PDF attached


Click to see PDF


Click to see PDF


What we changed:

  • We removed the tie die background and changed it to a solid yellow background
  • The colour of the shadow from red and blue and added another layer
  • The position of the word ‘VIBES’
  • Added the word ‘VIBES’ repeatedly on the inside panes
  • Changed the image on the back pane to just one hand to make it less busy
  • Changed the position of the writing on the back pane to make it easy to read
  • Added an inside spine in after realising it is seen from the front of the CD case

Feedback from peers:

We printed some pages with the panes of our digipak on so they could write us some feedback on what they like and what we can improve on.




Using the feedback we got from our peers, we have some targets to improve our digipak they are:

  • Text too close to edge on front cover
  • The star on the front covers eyes could be brightened to make them stand out more
  • The stars neck is red on the front cover and it looks odd
  • Could include some words on the Polaroids to fill blank space
  • The text on the pane which is on the inside and shows when in the CD case, the text only has one layer of shadow whereas the front page there is two layers is it meant to be like that to be different or should there be two? maybe try with two and see how it looks. It is also hard to tell by looking at that part who is the artist and what is the album maybe switch Astrid and Vibes around to make more sense
  • The track list font looks a little bit too simple maybe change the font
  • Front cover is a little bit plain maybe something can be done to make it look less plain
  • Background colour could be brighter on all pages
  • Her top on the front page could be brighter
  • Colours on inside pages could be brighter
  • Maybe the bar code on the back could be made transparent so it fits with the design

What we will do

Audience response:

We made a short questionnaire to give 10 people who are typical audience members for the pop genre. We gave them this so we could get a tally on whether or not we are meeting the audience needs and wants for our digipak. We showed them our digipak in the CD case for them to answer it.


What genre is this digipak?

  • Classical – 0
  • Indie – 0
  • Rock – 0
  • Rap – 0
  • Pop – 10
  • Country – 0
  • Hip-hop – 0
  • Other – 0

Which adjectives best describe the digipak?

  •  Romantic – 0
  • Rebellious – 1
  • Creative – 3
  • Quirky – 4
  • Fun – 6
  • Terrifying – 0
  • Joyful  – 3
  • Melancholic – 0
  • Uninteresting – 0
  • Other – Flirty, Bold, Upbeat, Vibrant

Following on from this the audiene’s feedback is useful and pratical for my partner and I for our final draft of our music video because it allows the target audeience to tell us the feedback they want to give on what they like and what they dislike about the video. It also gives us a different perspective on the video as we have others looking at our music video and what could be changed to make it even better. This helped my partner and I realise what we are doing well and what is working throughout the video and also what we need to change in our creative mind and design to make the music video as successful as I possibly can and to make sure our audiecne won’t reject our text. Our typical demographics member who would ve a millennial who is also female. This is generally the type of personal we asked for feedback to make sure it is all revelant to each other, we will now use the feeback we have been given and alter and develop our digipak to create something our demographics would like to see and buy.