So how did it go?

The first component for A-Level media is to create a music magazine for a genre of your choice. I have now finished this component and made my own magazine. My magazine is called ‘SHUFFLE’  it is a pop magazine for teenage girls. It is bright, fun and colourful everything this demographic wants from a magazine. The magazine consisted of me making and designing a front cover, contents page and double page spread as well as including two adverts of your choice. I took all of the images for my magazine myself as well as writing all of the text on the pages.

Over the course of this project I have gained a number of skills such as transferable skills like time management and teamwork, creative skills such as editing images on Photoshop and technical skills like learning how to use edublogs and in Design.  All of these skills will be useful to me for the rest of my media components and for jobs or hobbies in the future.

As well as creating the magazine I had to answer four CCR questions to do with the evaluation of my music magazine. These questions required me to think about all of the different elements of my magazine and look at it in different ways such as the conventions for the genre, how it engages the audience, how did my skills develop and what technologies did I use and how did it help. I answered these questions in many different ways, for instance I answered question one with an emaze presentation, I answered question two with a dragons den pitch which required me to record a video of myself giving a pitch about my music magazine and then I had to edit the footage down and leave only the important and revelent information, for question three I made a google slides presentation bu also included a voicethread to record my voice over the top of the presentation reading out a letter to answer my answer to the question and for question four I made a flow chart linking all of the different technologies I used in the process.

Overall, I am happy with the outcome of my magazine and I think it suits my pop genre well. I am also happy about the progress I believe I have taken into account all of my in depth research and applied it to my work allowing it to strike my readers with entertainment, information and express their personal identity throughout the content in which I have provided. I am very pleased with the result of my magazine and believe it is truly successful in accordance of the task which I was set.

Question 4: So… How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?

 Above is a flow chart that I created on Lucid Chart, I took everything that I have used throughout this componenent to highlight the process of different technologies and how they have been integrated with each other I made my magazine. Notably, I have used a wide range of technology over the past few months in order to  research, plan, edit, produce, publish and evaluate all of my work.
In particular, I learnt how technologies rely on other technologies in order to complete multiple tasks within the project.Moreover, I have split this flow chart into three categories to highlight the three main technologies:
  • Hardware Technology – Pink
  • Software Technology – Turquoise
  • Online Technology – Blue

Furthermore, for each category I have explained how and where I have used the specific technology and how it impacted on my product overall. As you can see, I then linked it with an arrow to show how it links and contrasts with other technology to show how they are all integrated within the production process. Finally, I then displayed (at the end of each paragraph) which stage of the production process I used in it:

  • Research and Planning – (RP)
  • Production – (P)
  • Post-Production – (PP)
  • Evaluation – (E)

CCR3- So… How did your production skills develop throughout this project?

Above is a letter I wrote to a future A-level media student which I made on VoiceThread linked in with a powerpoint that I made adding inserts and snip tools of the work that I had produced and the skills I used making my music magazine. However I have advised them to learn from my personal experiences and have portrayed clearly what they should include in their work in order to be a successful A-level Media Student.

CCR 1- So… How does your product use or challenge conventionsand how does it represent social groups or issues?

Powered by emaze

Above is a Emaze of me answering the CCR1 question, this presentation displays how my product uses and challenges conventions and how does it represent the social groups I categorised everything into. Each slide examines what the clues are (the conventions) and the meaning and representation it suggested. Notably, I used examples from my own magazine and showcased how they communicate with my product in order to create my music magazine.

Draft 6




  • Brighten image on front cover
  • Adjust writing for contents page
  • Make image of duo smaller or change image

What have I changed

Front cover- I decided to change to remove the plug next to the model’s head as it looked messy

Contents Page I completly changed the whole image of my two models as it just didn’t look right at all and it wasn’t how I wanted it to look, it looked messy and rushed and I disliked it. So I used an image of my male model wearing sunglasses and then layed it all around him, you can see the new Contents Page on my home page. I also used the bold and bright colours to my advantage and decided to stick with a white background so that they could juxtapose and contrast each other and it had a positive outcome overall.

DPS- I changed the colours and font for my caption line, and then centered the writing for the whole article so it was all in place.

I decided to really focus on my front cover and my contents page as I really wasn’t satisfied with the end result and they just didn’t look right so I am glad that I decided to touch up my front cover and completly change my whole contents page.

What I will change before my final draft

Front cover

  • Change writing on the side
  • Make plugs more brighter

Contents Page

  • Change image
  • Add websites on the side
  • Bring all the writing closer so there isn’t as many gaps
  • Add in another image of a different model
  • Add page numbers in
  • Add shapes in like the ones on my other pages
  • Add captions


The adverts below are the ones I will be using in my music magazine.

Adverts are a necessity in a magazine as they pay to get the product featured in magazines. I have chosen adverts which fit in well with my genre of my music magazine. The first ad is tour dates from the talented Dua Lipa her genre of music is pop so I thought it fitted in well with my magazine, she is a demographic of my magazine. The second ad is a famous, trendy makeup brand named Anastasia Beverly Hills they are very popular and are the talk of young girls makeup collection so I thought that this brand would fit in well with my demographic audience and they would possibly chose my magazine because of the adverts.

My dating profile is of a typical pop genre reader. We created a dating profile of my typical target audience reader to show the audience that we are researching and finding more information about my target audience is mainly females aged 9-18 which means that my music magazine has to be suitable for children so that they can read it without their parents having to worry about if it is suitable or not. My research concluded that my target audience likes things like food, makeup and social media and there dislikes are outdoors, heavy metal music and education.

Feedback on Article

Draft of my article

We had to write a double page spread article for our double page spread for 500-800 words with lots of exciting information about my models, then once I had finished I uploaded it to the classroom and then I received feedback from my teacher and then redrafted it to improve the article. I then got someone in my media to read my article out loud so I could make sure that everything made sense and it had been fully checked properly and had no typos, grammar and punctuation, they then commented on the language that I used and reviewed it.

Peer voice memo-

Targets from reader

  • Change typos
  • proof read