My tour poster


The task was to create a poster for a world tour for our client. The client wanted a poster of a certain type of genre, rap was mine, and they asked for me to use a photo of themselves as the performer. They also asked for elements they would like included in the poster which were:

  • The name of the tour
  • The name of the artist
  • Information about where the tickets can be bought
  • Dates and venues/places

The poster above is the one I created for the client, reaching all of the criteria needed.

After completing poster we gave ourselves feedback

The feedback I got:

  • The text wraps around the image well, the text is an important part for the magazine cover as it is one of the first things to attract the audience and it is the first thing that they are going to read and they are going to judge the magazine cover from the font and does the text wrap around the picture correctly and it does, it blends well together. The eyeline of the model does focus the attention on the model and when you first look at the magazine cover the first thing you look at is the picture and then the font.
  • The costume does reflect a huge part in the genre as when you are decoding something you look at the costumes and makeup, you judge someone on their appearance which reflects the genre. The body language on the model is appropriate he gives this rapper vibe from the way he is posing and gives a very relaxed vibe which rappers are.
  • The words do prompt a sense of desire of wanting to find out more information and see the rapper on tour. The poster is full with lots of relevant information. They are short sharp sentences which makes it easier for the audience. AIDA- is the attention, interest, desire and action. There is a AIDA as the poster tells the audience to book the tickets and see him on tour.

The rest of the feedback is below in the table:

To make my poster even better I would

  • Put in a less blurry background as it looked too blurry which ruined the poster and made it quit hard to read the masthead and inserts.
  •  Have a more colourful background, I should have been more adventurous with it and used a variety of colours to go with the rapper’s hair.
  • Fade out the image a little and shadow out his hand to make it look better.


My copy of a professional magazine front page

Please clink on the link to see the PDF file

My partner and I were given magazine which we had to attempt to replicate, we used Photoshop and Indesign to make sure that we had the same colours and fonts as the original magazine. This shows that we had to decode the magazine and see what the editor used on the Masthead, the Inserts, the right images and the articles.

What went well?

  • The colour of the original magazine cover is the right shade of pink for the mastheads and the inserts
  • We manages to find the same exact picture to the original magazine
  • The titles of the slogans is in the right exact places
  • The fonts of the titles are roughly in the right places for the plug

What I could do to improve?

  • Better quality in the image as my image was blurry in indesign so I should have changed the picture
  • Make the magazine more interesting and eye catching for the reader to want to look at my magazine
  • The fonts to be in the right sizes and in the right exact place


Here are the links to the 3 little yt tutorials which will help me in the future to make my magazine more accurate and eye catching:



Camera Talks

My images using MES are these, I belive that these 9 pictures told the best for my story. For example the close up outside along the bright leaves connotes happiness in the picture. The second picture shows the model trying to get out behind the bars which shows thst she is trapped and is trying to escape. The third picture includes nature as the leaves are getting thrown up which captures the nature and gives it that magical fesature.

In the fourth picture the model is hiding behind a tree stump which gives it that cloaking feeling and that she’s hiding and is scared and child like imagery. In the seventh picture there is high angle shot which connotes that the camera has authority and the model is just a little girl scared for her life.

This will help me in my own work now by using the MES story and the word CLAMPS to make my work more interesting and appealing for the reader. The things to include in my camera talk is the facial expression, the body language, proxemics and gestures to add weight and density to the story.

Technical Camera Terms

In this task we went out and took a number of photos in different angle shots to create a mis-en-scene story. We couldn’t just take the photo we had to think about the connotations of the story and the denotations. The essential rules of composition is you have to look at the whole picture to create a story. They are number of rules relating to formal composition are:

  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Depth off Field
  • Contrast and Texture
  • Lead Room

Personally my favourite pictures are the ones where the model is sitting down in the dark and is looking straight into the camera as it connotes a connection between the model and the photographer. The In image 9761 the high angle shot shows the connection and contact between them that the camera has authority and the model looks like a little innocent child which shows weakness.

Also in image 9749 we look at the denotation in the story which is the girl and the door. The connotations connotes that it quite mysterious and cryptic. This is a point of view shot which means it is taken from the chareacter’s eyes which makes it tell a story.


My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

Mise- en- scene is the organisation and the arrangement of the scenery which is like the costume, lighting, acting, makeup and hair, props and setting which is also known as CLAMPS.

All of these elements help to make a picture tell a story. It helps the audience visual the theme of the story. The genre of the category we were given was rap. We then had to think of all a the denotations to do with rap for example, tattoos, gold chains, money, guns and drugs. This suggests that rappers have bad attitudes and tend to like breaking the law.

Firstly, the conventions for costumes were bandanas, ripped t-shirts, gold chains, oversized hoodies and denim jackets. They tend to wear gold rings and watches to show that they are being vein and showing that they have a lot of money. Rappers would say that they are ‘flexing’ and boasting about how much money they have or made.

Secondly, the conventions for the lighting and the props and setting in all of the posts in the moodboard are quite dark which suggests this dark and mysterious theme and gives it this moody feeling around on the streets with graffiti walls and tend to be near dark alleyways. The acting in this moodboard shows that all of the rappers are very chilled and laid back. They look very moody and serious.

Another convention is the makeup and hair in this moodboard show that some rappers have bright bold hair to connote that they are fierce and don’t care about other people’s opinions and some have dreadlocks which gives this chilled vibe. These are the convections of the genre rap.

We went around the class and asked them what was the first word that popped into their heads when they looked at our model in the group, the class came up with original, individual, street, arrogant, rebelliousness,colourful, wild, crazy, quirky and freak. This was good because as producers we encoded a certain type of way that we wanted the model to look and our group wanted the class to decode our model properly which they did accuratly.

We did a photo shoot on our phones capturing the mise-en- scene and found that some of the pictures didn’t turn out too great however, we did have some successful ones too. For example the pictures with the white backgrounds turned out better than the green screen ones. They had better and natural lighting and looking more appealing to look at.


This contact sheet shows all of the different poses and stances that we used for our model as a rapper, the ones that worked were the white backgrounds as it captured the lighting well and the ones that didn’t work were the green screen ones which made the lighting look terrible and didn’t capture the lighting properly or the look we were going for.











Print media that communicates meaning

The prints and semiotics all have different meanings to this magazine cover. There is Denotations and Connotations which makes them different to the rest.

Denotations are the actual object, image and text and the Connotations is the meanings and the symbolisation behind these Denotations which makes the magazine cover.

The Denotations in the magazine is the shapes and images in the picture which would stand out the most to the audience.

For example the different colours like pinks, purples, yellows, blues which are pastel colours are very in at the moment so it would appeal to young teenage girls. The connotations of use of lots of colour shows that Katy is a very bold, happy women who likes to have fun. It shows that she produces pop music and is a very up to date artist.

Prism revolves around the themes of living in the present, relationships, and self-empowerment which shows she used fonts that would attract the audience and has taken time to consider what would work and what wouldn’t. Everything has been structured in the poster to make this presentable for teenage kids.

This new knowledge and understanding will impact my own media production by when making my magazine will have lots of colour and the right font to really go with the picture and to capture my age audience.