Digipak Draft 2

Below is our most recent draft of our digipak.

Front pane:


Middle left pane:


Middle right pane:


Back pane:



As you can see, we have really developed each pane; I think the biggest change is the font which we have been experimenting with. Additionally, I changed the colour of the text from a black to a deep grey as the black looked flat on the page. I’m not entirely sure the sizing of the middle panes are correct and we are yet to create the spine on the back pane but we will have this done for our next draft. I also experimented with the colouring of the text on the back panel, highlighting various words; I could maybe develop this with colouring letters to spell the album name or just a phrase.

Screen Castify

Targets for improvement:

  • brighten all the images
  • crispen all the images on photoshop
  • experiment with font weight and size on back pane
  • experiment with the arrangement of font on front pane
  • look for other potential images from shoot that don’t have artist


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