Production Skills Evaluation 3 – DP

Having started editing the images for our digipak, I have developed my production skills greatly on PhotoShop. For example:

  • Spot healing- The spot healing tool has enabled me to clean up the marked white floor of the original image, alongside removing the black lines off the socks. This helped convey the genre, displaying the crisp and minimalist aspects associated with alternative indie branding.



  • Blur- The blur tool helped smooth the whites in the image to ensure out digipak looked clean, crisp and professional. Additionally, this supported the simplistic branding of the album helping convey the very raw narrative of the cover.


  • Brightness and contrast- We increases both the brightness and contrast in the image so that the image looked pure and raw therefore highlighting it’s simplicity. This also heightened the bruised shown on the star’s legs and arms, positively supporting the very natural and pure star image.


These skills have positively impacted our digipak as they have made our images slick and professional as well as supporting the branding, genre, narrative and star image shown through the digipak.

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