Basic Composition

Lesson 2

Framing (distance)

Your mission for today’s lesson is to direct and shoot the following images. For this you will have to alternate taking the images and being the subject for your partner. You will have to take on the role of director and of cinematographer to ensure you get the shots you need.

Once you have completed your mission you should return to the classroom where you will upload your treasure to your masters computer (teachers’ machine D Drive). You then need to collate the data.

This message will self destruct in…

Shot No Shot Size Camera Movement Descriptions
1 MS Static Back to camera, character bored
2 Wide angle Static The front of the SFC or Main School Entrance
3 MCU (Low Angle) Static Traffic sign or door
4 ELS Static Character sits on a step (relaxed)
5 LS (Canted Angle) to MCU Static Character walks towards camera (confident)
6 ECU Static Eyes look nervously off to one side
7 CU Static In profile character looks thoughtful
8 MLS (High Angle) Static Character stand waits outside door (nervous)
9 Over the shoulder to LS Static See the shoulder and head – object in background
Independent Study

Here is a follow up video for you to watch on another 5 best shots of all time: