Moving the Camera

Lesson 3

So in this lesson you are going to need to move the camera, whilst filming.

So, smoothly does it…here is your list of shots for today…

Shot No Shot Size Camera Movement Descriptions
1 MLS Pan Character walks into frame and pan to follow through a door, keep lead space.
2 MCU (High Angle) Tilt Character sits down (slow and nervous) camera tilt follows
3 MS Crab Character leans against wall looking bored. Start and end with character out of frame.
4 MCU to LS Dolly / Track Out Character sits on wall, looking anxious
5 LS to MCU Dolly / Track In Character sits on wall, looking anxious
6 LS to MCU Zoom In Character sits on wall, looking anxious
7 MCU Ped Down Car / Truck
8 LS Roll Person staggers from one side of corridor to another, along with camera roll.
9 CU (low angle) – ELS (high angle) Crane Character sitting in corner, looks off frame and then down at the ground, when head down start crane.

As in yesterday’s lesson, you must return in time, to move the footage from your camera to the teachers’ computer in 73 (The D Drive):

Some examples of amazing cinematography for you to enjoy during independent study

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