Your First Two Sequences

Creative Intentions:
  1. To explore how editing can be used to select and structure footage.
  2. To create a continuity editing which makes sense of time, space and actions / reactions.

Some thoughts about editing:

Sequence 1 – Basic Shots Types (Intention 1)

Create a compilation video of the shots you took for framing and movement

Each clip should include a title, which describes the framing and/or movement using the the correct terminology. Remember here are the lists of shots you were supposed to take:

You may not have shot all the footage according to these list. This is fine, you are just starting to explore cinematography after all. However you must try and accurately describe the shot type which you have filmed in the title.

Sequence 2 – The Exchange – A Continuity Edit (Intention 2)

Create a title slate called ‘The Exchange’.

  1. Can you edit the footage for the continuity edit, so that it makes sense?
  2. If you have finished, you should try and do some simple colour correction or add transitions
  3. You could add some music to the opening few seconds as the character walks down the corridor, whilst the other character waits.
Export and Reflect

Export both sequences for YouTube

Create two new topics for your work in your Reflective Journal:

  • Basic Cinematography (Sub-page in Cinematography)
  • Continuity Edit (Sub-page in Editing)

Embed the video into each page and reflect (150 words max) on each task and outcome.

  1. Reflect on the quality of your footage and the meaning(s) that are implied in four of your favourite shots.
  2. Reflection on filming to edit and editing tools, which can create basic narrative meaning.